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Dr Who – The Moonbase – DVD Review



This DVD is a The Moonbase with two missing episodes which have been animated 


The plot revolves around the Doctor and his companions landing on the lunar surface were a complex weather station controls and maintains the weather of the entire world through gravitational pull. The cybermen are all but legend destroyed many years ago. However a mysterious illness is plaguing the base and eerie shadows reveal a familiar enemy.

The main plot deals with many interesting aspects of the future, a space station on the moon which is habitable, a weather station that controls and protects the people of earth and the jeopardy of this station failing mixed with whodunit esque subplot which brings both the Doctor and his companions into full and colourful characterisation.

Image result for dr who moonbase dvd


The picture is sharp, detailed and well balanced with good colour saturation considering its age with. I viewed this in HD upscaled 1080p 60 frames per second. Overall there is  higher clearer definition of picture quality.

Image result for dr who moonbase dvd


The animated episodes are well done with good pathos and atmosphere which matches the feel of the other episodes, I would however say they went more for a cinematic feel in the terms of camera angles and shots which may divide fans. I enjoyed the visual renditions which do stay faithful to the overall character and set-pieces plus the cybermen look amazing and well detailed.


The audio is clear with a few artificial hisses and pops here and there overall a worthy and crisp audio considering its age dialogue is clear  as well as the nerve jangling and atmospheric score which is a treat to hear much like in in Tomb of the Cybermen.


With yet another gritty and ambitious story  and script by Kit Pedler about technology getting too advanced and going awry, fantastic set-pieces, sturdy characterisation of the main players and and interesting sub-plot this is Dr Who at its best. Highly Recommended.

Paul Isaacs 2017

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Exorcist II: The Heretic – Looking back at the first Sequel


The Exorcist is one movie that has gained a reputation as one of finest displays of horror with a gritty realism and stellar performances and special effects. It garnered much attention during its release and has succumbed to the annuals of movie history as one of the greatest movies of all time.

When John Boorman’s Exorcist II came along it was a box office failure and was not a hit with the audience they wanted. In his words the audience wanted “the same” and it wasn’t what they got for better or worse on reflection and will be revisiting Exorcist II: The Heretic and reevaluating it overall.


Image result for richard burton exorcist 2

You have priest Father Lamont who was a follower of the teaching of Father Merrin the priest in the first movie who died trying to save the young girl Regan from possession, a passionate man of faith he wants to clear the name of Merrin who was believed to have committed heresy during his last moments. The struggle of faith is apparent throughout the movie with redemption at the end.

Image result for linda blair exorcist 2

Regan’s characterisation is in many ways the centre of the movies bringing elements from the past, present and supposed future she a seer into the future and healer of souls the mix of old school faith and modern miracles one could see her as a modern day saint who has “powers” which cannot be explained by faith nor science but just are.

Related image

Father Merrin is present in the ESP scenes and also the flashback sequences throughout the movie revealing that his heart attack was brought on by the demon pazuzu. It is revealed that 4o years prior that he had battle the demon in Africa an young man named Kokumo who like Regan possessed powers of healing and that evil and the locust swarm in the movie symbolised the eternal battle between good and evil, light and dark.

Image result for kokumo exorcist 2

Kokumo comes in three forms a young boy who was possessed then with Father Lamont’s travels to Africa he confronts him bearing the garb of the Locust setting a test of faith and belief by walking across a floor of spikes. Then he becomes a man of science who shows a great deal knowledge about locust swarms a scientist, accomplished and respected in his field. The bridging between faith and science, technology and mythology is seen in the character.

Image result for louise fletcher exorcist 2

Dr. Tuskin is a person of logical reasoning and scepticism she deals with therapy and psychology of young children with mental health conditions and developmental disabilities. The bridging between western philosophy and modern medicine is quite contradictory to the ESP machine that she has created and uses on Regan, Father Lamont and herself showing the past, present and potential future. The question of faith vs. science and many different variables in between are represented in her characterisation.


The plot is a hefty mixture with many different messages flowing in around the characters and situations. This is why Exorcist II didn’t perform as well as the first movie because Boorman’s presentation of the plot was dream-like, surreal and at times a form of hyper-reality to convey the message of science and religion, reality vs. hyper-reality, ESP vs. powers of healing, the complete opposite of The Exorcist. The movies style and direction has European feel to with giddy camera work, experimental special effects and sound design, heavy stylised lighting and a brilliant and rather moving score by Ennio Morricone the whole tone was different from onset and even thought the opening titles shared the same red font it is a very different movie.


Looking back Exorcist II is not as bad as initially thought it was going to be an ambitious feat for any person to try and content with the first movie but in many ways this sequel has a reality all of its own and its intriguing how it polarised audiences but on reflection it is well worth a viewing.

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Autism, Processing Emotions & Alexithymia


Note this is from a personal perspective 

Alexithymia is a condition in which person cannot find words to express inner emotional feelings, now this doesn’t mean that the person is devoid or lacking in emotion however it can from a outside perspective look like that despite the inner mechanics being quite different.


I shall give you a personal account of this and look at other potential factors. I have a processing and recognition delay of emotion feelings in the context of the event that has happened – in other words from the time the event has happened to the time I get a self response is delayed this can come in the form of

  • Words for the the bodily messages that I am feeling 
  • Being able to piece the situation together from a emotional standpoint
  • Talking and having a conversation about a situation that in real-time has long since past
  • Having raw emotions that through time, experience, awareness and age I am able to better filter them

As a teenager I would harm myself when these raw emotions would take hold like attacking one’s self for their own emotions because the person in question hasn’t yet pieced together they are coming from themselves this to me a that point in time a a paradox but a worthy one to working through.


Other factors would depend on the person’s autism profile and fruit salad that would have an impact on the presentation of alexithymia such as

  • Visual perceptual disorders and not having a visual memory to process people, situations, words and mentalise thoughts.
  • Language processing disorders such as aphasia and verbal auditory agnosia needing time to find and extract words that have inner meaning to the person.
  • Body disconnectivity and not sensing or perceiving their own bodily messages
  • Diet and food intolerances are undiagnosed food intolerances having an impact on their functioning?

Paul Isaacs 2017

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Dr Who – Tomb of the Cybermen – Revisitations DVD Review


This DVD is a 2-disc Special Edition of Tomb of the Cybermen with upgraded video and audio as well as new special features.


The plot is a dark and brooding entry for the infamous cybermen instilling a sense of dread as an expedition has found a dormant tomb that holds creatures from a distant past who are slumbering. The characterisation is at times dated but the overall composition of technology gone awry is potent in this story, human greed, selfishness and sacrifice are themes as the doctor who in his sage wisdom warns them of the dangers of tampering with technology that they do not understand. A metaphor in itself.



The Revisitations DVD is a worthy upgrade from the earlier edition with a sharper picture, deeper colour saturation, minor enhancements to the images when the the title are overlaid is a worthy mention too. I viewed this in HD upscaled 1080p 60 frames per second. Overall there is  higher clearer definition of picture quality.


The audio is clear with a few artificial hisses and pops here and there overall a worthy and crisp audio considering its age dialogue is clear as well as the nerve jangling and atmospheric score which is a treat to hear.


With polished and ambitious story  and script by Kit Pedler with high tension and plenty of bite to a worthy video and audio upgrade as well as a host of extras this a must see for fans of classic Who. Recommended

Paul Isaacs 2017

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Living With Anomic Aphasia In The Context of Autism

paul-amber-2002-3Note that this is from a personal perspective 

Speaking to a speech and language therapist yesterday it got me thinking about my autism trajectory and what residual and very apparent markers of disability are still present and more importantly how they manifest and present themselves.


As a child it took me a long to time to speak and use language in a functional way this meant that both receptive and expressive language was hard to filter and decode into something that was connecting and meaningful.


As I have stated in previous blogs part of my development was due to brain injury to the left hemisphere this part of brain is were human language is formed (although other aspects of the brain will connect with this).


As an adult  the type of a aphasia  (receptive and expressive) as apart of my autism would be considered residual in presentation and it effects me with I tired my words get stuck like a “blockage” and I have to consciously “find” the words which seem almost on “there” but disappear leaving me to have longer pauses or repeat “umm” for example.


Lacking visual internalisation means that I don not have a “meta-reality” which involves complex pictural referencing in other words I do not “store visual information in a coherent way” meaning that retrieval and word association when tired can be slowed down.

Having simultagnosia means I see things in pieces that has an effect on how I internalise visual information and mentalising (organising) and need to focus on movement, pattern and touch to externally map-out something rather than internally.

Anomic aphasia (also known as dysnomia, nominal aphasia, and amnesic aphasia) is a mild, fluent type of aphasia where an individual has word retrieval failures and cannot express the words they want to say (particularly nouns and verbs).[1] Anomia is a deficit of expressive language. The most pervasive deficit in the aphasias is anomia. Some level of anomia is seen in all of the aphasias.[2] Individuals with aphasia who display anomia can often describe an object in detail and maybe even use hand gestures to demonstrate how the object is used but cannot find the appropriate word to name the object. [3]


It is completely understandable that not having an visual memory and having a long developmental history of language associated issues that word finding at times for me can be difficult but one much use what they have and accept what is going on. I’m glad I am in a position to understand what is going on and I hope this blog helps others who can relate to this. 🙂

Paul Isaacs 2017


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The Exorcist III – Film Review (1990)


This is the review of The Exorcist III Shout! Factory’s Collector’s Edition on Blu-ray


The plot is set 15 years after the original movie The Exorcist and is set around two three key people from the original movies Lt Kinderman, Father Dyer and Father Karras and a another “The Gemini Killer” who was put in the electric chair the same night Karras fell to his death saving a young girl from possession.

The overall tone that Blatty sets is very different from the original. It is at times highly subversive and it plays very much like a supernatural thriller in terms of making the audience question many aspects of belief that a tied into the situational aspects of the plot which link both movies and it’s characters.


Image result for exorcist 3 blu ray images


The picture compared to my old Warner Bros DVD Anthology release and the Warner Bros Blu-ray is a stunning 2k restoration by Shout! Factory  with vibrant flesh tones expanding on the details which are particular resonant in the dream sequence and cell scenes with deep colour saturation and limited grain.


The audio is clear and crisp with good dynamic range it has also been given an upgrade with a DTS HD audio in both 2.0 and 5.1 surround sound I choose the downmix and was very impressed by its range, depth and clarity.


Underated is what I think of The Exorcist III and at times rather deep and philosophical, dramatic and haunting it is a beautifully shot movie with a clever plot, stellar performances and real lingering sense of tension and suspense. Highly recommended

Paul Isaacs 2017

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Autism Has Wider Palette Of Experiences & Presentations


A Human World to be lived 

I haven’t blogged for a long time and sometimes that is fine you need to recharge your batteries and focus on other things in life. I have since realised that I have been writing for sometime on a vast array of different subjects, topics and genres. That being said in the years I have been in the “autism world” However well a live in a human world.

Looking Inwards and forward

The overall motif and thinking has progressed on a personal and professional level this is through self awareness and the awareness of other realities, perspectives, opinions, agreements and disagreements which are all part of the melting pot.

To The Future and beyond 

Looking at the title maybe it is self-explanatory “a wider palette” means that a I feel one of the ways in which autism awareness can go forward is the reading, listening, talking and communication as many differing presentations as possible.


To ditch the militancy and politics that is harming and taking away from needs to be done, to ditch unhelpful stereotypes and to a see autism as a “fruit salad” that will educate and empower so that all voices and realities can be heard and acknowledged.

This means that the correct interventions, advocacy and support can be made some of this can be from the family and friends, other community based services and others professional.


 Autism to Autisms Many Pieces Of The Whole….

With that being said how many areas of “functioning” regardless of presentation could be help if we saw autism and pieces that are specific to each person? So once those pieces have been discovered and found  out then meaningful interventions can resume tailored for them be it.

  • Communication
  • Personality Types 
  • Sensory Perceptual
  • Sensory Integration
  •  Dietary 
  • Auto-Immune
  • Learning Styles
  • Life Skills
  • & More


Paul Isaacs 2017