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Atypical Features & Androgyny

I have atypical eyelids, shaped eyebrows, a crooked mouth and nasal bridge however people have told me either I look like a woman and/or have features of a woman for which I am flattered by their optical observations of my variants of my somewhat fruitful and irregular visage.

Androgny can be a look as much as an attitude a timely peek into someone who is a mixture of masculine and feminine.

I am not perfect and that is what should be cherished a feeling of unshackled non-perfection I find solace and tempered grounding beneath my limbs in these thoughts and I can smile freely. 😊

Paul Isaacs 2018.

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Steve Strange – The Man In The Blitz

10959687_10153138014804052_1550923371333130875_nA true pioneer of the New Romantic fashion movement and the creative and distinct frontman of the music band VisageSteve Strange created some truly memorable, evocative and emotional music that stood the test of time and in my opinion never got old.

Not only was the music (both arrangement and lyrics) excellent but the videos that were made were equally important – I always found Visage’s promotional videos like “mini-movies” telling the story of the song with depth and atmosphere. The haunting “Fade to Grey”, the bizarre “Mind Of A Toy” and the Spy-Thriller-esque “Night Train” stand out to me.

Visage’s and Steve proved with their Album “Hearts and Knives” that they were still an original band with striking artwork and provocative songs.

The Man In The Blitz

Painted faces all around
Bows and frills
One man stands his ground

Silver topped cane one week
Trilby hat the next
Looking distinct and sleek

Man of a thousand emotive words
The colourful storm
An electronic thunderclap ruffles the herds

Ahead of his time all round
Creations a wonder
Lost never again but redeemed and found

Inspired by Steve Strange (1959-2015) Frontman of Visage

Paul Isaacs 2015