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“Doing” vs. “Being”

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“Doing” in its extreme form can consist of over-thinking, over worrying, over-analysing losing grounded functioning and not being pre-occupied with too many things at once denying at times what is right in front of you tentative steps to be taken in the overburdens mind that consist of unwanted thoughts that sometimes never let on to being silenced. I am sure that that wanting to be a “be-er” may consist of flattening thoughts.

“Being” in its extreme form can be pre-occupied with the moment feelings of floating, connection to the situation with yourself, having an inner world to eagerly retreat to that consists of many colours, patterns, shapes and shine being jolted into to “doing” and conscious thought may well be difficult but can be achieved.

None of these things are distraction or detraction of cognitive skills although quirky and paradox like presentations may resume.

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Autism & Asperger – Fruit Salads – D.Williams A Personal Example

Using Donna Williams Fruit Salad Analogy 1995 Autism & Aspergers “Fruit Salads” Blog

I going to use two examples to illustrate the profile differences – Remember these are two examples of people with Autism and AS no one person with Autism/AS is the same and the presentation and profiles will all be different. ūüôā¬†

People with Autism use the Right¬†Hemisphere¬†to Work at the World & People with Asperger’s Syndrome use the Left¬†Hemisphere to work out the world and of course there will be people on the spectrum¬†in between the Autie and Aspie Profiles (which means that people can a mix of both Profiles – Autism & Asperger because of the¬†massive¬†diversity in brain¬†connectivity).¬†Autism is a diverse spectrum with different sensory and communication profiles. ūüôā ¬†

  • Autism
  • Asperger’s Syndrome
  • “Aspinauts” D.Williams (A Mixture of Both Autie and Aspie Profiles)

¬†“And always be aware of Aspinauts who have “crossovers” of both common “Fruit Salads” -D.Williams

 Paul Р(Myself)
Me in 2011

Me in 2011

Autism – “Less Literal, Less Logical and Process Things Externally” – D.Williams


Visual & Auditory Agnosias  Left Hemisphere Neglect 

I had Speech Delay and was non-verbal for around the first 5 years of my life this was due to Aphasia and Oral Apraxia

 Gilbert РMy Grandfather
Gramp in the 1930s

Gramp in the 1930s

Asperger’s – “Logical, Literal and Process Things Internally” – D.Williams¬†


My Gramp because of right hemisphere neglect he uses left¬†hemisphere (logic, semantics, auditory and visual meaning) and works things out “internally”.

Right Hemisphere Syndrome 

  • No speech delay recognised (although people with AS can have speech delay)
  • Dyspraxic¬†has both fine and gross motor coordination problems
  • Started school at 7 years old ¬†and left school at 14. ¬†Mood and anxiety disorders¬†persistent¬†later in life
  • Literal¬†(Semantic pragmatic disorder)¬†processing of language
  • Pragmatic and logical in his approach to language which reflects his processing
  • Selective mutism¬†in social situations due to not being able to access the conversation
  • Social¬†Emotional¬†Agnosia¬†to a higher degree
  • Tonal Agnosia¬†(tone deaf) to a higher degree
  • Alexithymia¬†
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