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Bucks Autism Conference Video 2015

Note – These are from personal and obervational perspectives

Sensory Issues in the context of Autism Bucks Autism Conference

This video is about covers these topics


Paul Isaacs 2015





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Autism, Dissociation, Exposure Anxiety & Understanding Criticism

Paul Long Crendon1OVERVIEW

This is from my Personal Perspective of Autism, Dissociation &  Exposure Anxiety 

Autism & Processing

During my younger years I was in mainstream education despite having obvious early signs of Autism speech  and language delay. receptive and expressive language processing  issues my Autism wasn’t recognised until adulthood.

Primary School &  Emotional Triggers

During my Primary School years after I gained functional speech between the ages 7/8 years old so this was between 1993 and 1994 (I had the expressive language of a 3 year old and poor receptive language) I was subjected to heavy bouts of criticism and bullying – I now understand that was done in a unprofessional and unproductive manner the headteacher at school had one to one meetings with me during this time (with no mentor or advocate) telling me all my faults, mishaps, wrong behaviours and problems with me.

Dissociation and Exposure Anxiety at Primary School

For me this was too much exposure of self (something Donna Williams talks about Exposure Anxiety) I had a lack of awareness of “self” and “other” so I dissociated creating a “persona” to deal and cope with the barrage of information this “persona” would deal with this conflict because “I” couldn’t. This went on up until the last year of school different teachers comment either to me or to my parents about my “odd” behaviour.

When I was referred to child and adolescent  mental health services (CAMHS)  in 1996 during my last year of school I was suffering from a “nervous throat” and childhood depression in the meetings I was to explain about why a particular teacher was bullying me this caused me to created another “persona” to deal with situation the exposure of self and the the information processing was too much however I tried my best to give her the information.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Sexual Abuse at Secondary School

Until very recently I have to process and come to terms with PTSD with regards to an incident that happened at secondary school which resulted in sexual abuse through flashbacks and intrusive nightmares  (this is all I can disclose because of personal reasons), I have know doubt this has subconsciously had an affect on my self-worth, identity but I have come through this rather well and will continue to not be seen as an “object” or “thing”.

Criticism – It Is Needed 

Now we come full circle I know that my negative exposure to extreme criticism during my educational years has had an affect on what I subconsciously associate with what criticism is

In my head I like and want to be challenged criticised as it is needed for all human beings it is about

  • Give and take
  • Other peoples views (not just you own)
  • Validity for all
  • Equality for all
  • Fairness for all

Dissociation & Negative Association

However “my body, face and mouth” don’t seem to connect with my “head” and I dissociate quickly with the “persona ” that created over ten years ago to deal with the perceived attack (PTSD). My Mum says my face changes so do my eyes. This doesn’t however mean I’m not challenged this would be a great problem the reality of this is needed for all people really.

How I cope With This – Positivity 

Firstly recognising where it comes from and for me personally and staying true what is my “head”  is saying I like and want to be challenged criticised as it is needed for all human beings it is about give and take, other peoples views (not just you own), validity, equality and fairness and in turn dealing with therapy on how to cope with dissociation and what my body is doing and feeling like my consciousness is taking step backwards. By understanding this I can move and take a step forwards in a positive and productive manner. 🙂







Everybody voice deserves to heard 🙂 Everybody deserves to challenged  in a productive manner too. 🙂 


Paul Isaacs Adult with Autism 2014




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Autism, Auditory Agnosias, Words With No Pictures & Sounds With No Meaning


Note – All of People on the Autism Spectrum are Different this is topics that may relate to some people on the spectrum

Some people on Autism Spectrum have Auditory Agnosias as apart of their Autism this means they “hear” but don’t process with meaning, my Mum thought I was deaf as a child but is was to do with Auditory Processing.

I hope this helps others

1. A person Repeating sounds (DVDs, TV shows, Music etc) Phonic play, sensory play could be to do with this repeating sounds over and over to try to gain meaning, context and understanding.
2. May not respond when long litanies of verbal information is said to them – They have heard a lot of “sounds” rather than words and this may mean that you need to break down the information into smaller chunks.
3. Jumps at sounds in environment – If they don’t understand the origins of the sound tell them (using their communication profile) what is and where it is coming from.
4. Making up their own words for things, people, objects etc (pattern, theme and feel D.Williams) – If you live in world where language is jumbled to a high degree it would make sense that they may have their own words for things – I remember one person on the spectrum would call a type of biscuit “Maky” and a Yogurt “Yoshoo” some may replicate feelings of joy by making noises to reflect that (something that I still do when I stim).

Paul Isaacs 2014