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What is Achievement?

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Do you judge achievement by the vastness of comparisons or by the person cantered nature of what has been achieved? I have not married nor have I the desired to have children. I ask how is my life welling up with fullness and ethereal walkings amongst the populous of humanity? Because I am comfortable in the roads, paths and darkly forests that tread beneath my feet. I think “achievement” is not what, if or how it’s the reason and honest virtues behind them that make them special and worthy.

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Wretches & Jabberers DVD – A Journey Into Autism

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A moving and delightful movie and about two men on the autism spectrum who are both “functionally non-verbal” finding their voices through facilitated and typed communication. Debunking the myths that people who cannot speak with their mouths are “retarded” or “intellectually disabled”.

Tracy and Larry are best of friends and their passion for advocacy leads them to meeting others around the globe who are also yearning and fondly sharing their experiences and voices with a wider audience, showing great empathy, compassion, introspection and deepness through the words that they write to a wider audience. Bringing people into their world and inviting others to think, reflect and reevaluate what “autism” and “intelligence” even look like.  Showing great feats of creativity.

There is warmth, humour, sadness and hope sometimes all at once when listening the candid words and hopefully the viewer will come out of this experience with greater level of acceptance and make less assumptions about what is going on on the “inside”. Please all presume competence.

I highly recommend this DVD.

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Part Of A Journey Fulfilled & Will Be Continued

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Thoughts & Reflections

I have been on journey of self discovery since late 2006 now in 2014 two days ago I learnt what may be last and most important part of Autism profile which is on my previous blog post.

Although genetics play a part in Autism It has come to my attention that for some people on the spectrum (not all) have birthing issues that either affect their  brain and/or immune/metabolic systems have in turn an effect on their development and in my case visual and auditory perceptual issues, language processing, body awareness etc. Of course there are other members of the family who have very different profile to me and wonder if my birth issues maybe the answers to that? I think so. 🙂

Dad and I 2003 Resturant

To Be Balanced

So what have learnt ? That I shall always be a human being, I shall be creative, kind, thankful, balanced and appreciate life for it’s lessons, value true friendships, to be as functional as I can be with the knowledge, not to be scared and keep it real. I’m a person.

I’m thankful to so many people on this journey and I have feeling that reading this post you know who you are. 🙂

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