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Autism from the inside

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What Are “You”?

I often teeter on the wonderance of what it means to be a brain with a nervous system?

Why I am here? Why I am attuned and attached to an aging body? Why do I think, act, behave and react the way I do?

People are sometimes scared of their own minds and thought processes seeing them as a darkly moulded appendage that is seperate from one’s self an inner coil of contradictory truths.

As I know at this point I couldn’t be more happier being my own best friend, ally and comfort in times of earthly solace to do the right things. I hold in to truths even metaphorical ones and friends of friends a like flow into our pathly existences once again.

Paul Isaacs 2019

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Think For A Moment? Could Life Be More Balanced?

What is life? But a matter of objective? subjective? Or maybe something more deeper? I wonder is life really meant to be complex? Or is that the way in which people perceive and react to one another that makes it so? Maybe barriers have blinded our minds to make quick thoughts about islands of people we live amongst? People don’t know people but are obliged to talk about them with deep motives, follow your heart not what you see on news or read in the newspaper.

Humans don’t need to be cynical, edged with tyranny. Yes we too profoundly hold dear idols in both statue and human form who confirm and are to do with such things look back in history, look to the now for is woven the future.

Paul Isaacs 2016


To Be Human, To Be Equal & The Problem With Human Narcissism

A Person Who Feels They’re Better And Above Others – What Sort Of A Journey Is That? 

Compensatory Narcissistic Personality Disorder

I have met people like this who fit this personality type, what worries me is how anyone could treat someone like an object, a thing, a means to an end, selfish beyond words, seeking superiority, dominance and control over others and overall delusions of “fame” and/or “aboveness”.

To Be Human, to Be Equal

To understand that to be wrong is good, to accept mistakes is part of being human, to connect with people means not to judge, to share with others and listen to PEOPLE as PEOPLE with souls and personhoods who have their own reality, feelings, thoughts and emotions and LIFE which is equal to everyone else’s and to believe that no one is “above” or “better” we are all equal in our humanness.  🙂

Paul Isaacs 2014