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Keep The Doors Open Without Judgement

People Are People

In times of great strife one must always remember that they are a person – a sense of autonomy is a matter of perspective as well as a matter who you have spent you connected time with before you have gone to the land of solitude – it brings great clarity to be at peace in solitude as does to of person’s who share the same balance as you do.

Do not see colour, race, gender, culture but see people for whom they are without judgement or hate to have that perception means that your eyes will always be meet with closed doors the more doors that closed the more your world becomes smaller the more the smaller your world becomes they less you see of it, the less see of it the more you will be consumed by your own judgement.

Like a person asking themselves the same question that they now the answer the perpetual loop that may never be broken – Live beyond the loop, beyond doors and beyond the narrow – live in the open let you mind be free.

Paul Isaacs 2016

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No One Should Be Poor – The Top Down Society

Social Security – Why make cuts in the first place? 

People with illnesses and disabilities should not keep “proving” something that they have and then run the risk of losing income because of “cuts”. Social security was put in place to aid and support the vulnerable in society – social security should not be up for cutting anymore as the price of living is increasing.

Remember the value of having a welfare and social security system

The problem with cutting welfare is it defeats the object and intention of what welfare is and who it is for people may have hard times in their life this not to say that I would want this on anyone but it can and does happen to people and wouldn’t it be moral and productive to help?

Different trajectories and reasons for using welfare and social security 

For example a person may lose their job and need a transition period between jobs  or they may have an injury or illness that means they are off work for a long period of time or have to (in some circumstances) quit work altogether.

Some people may acquire a disability in their life time such as a head injury, physical injury or both, some people may be born with such disabilities and/or illnesses.

The National Health and other National Services 

Privatising national services -does that work? 

Everybody has the right to enter all forms of care in their lives from the basics such as general practitioner appointments, dental appointments, hospital appointments, “social” housing and other services that fall under national or local services. If you over privatise you are falling into a a “top down society” where it falls down to money and the people who are able to afford such services can but other’s may not be able to even get the basics.

This to me is a huge step backwards in both morality and common sense the national services are meant for everybody this means that is doesn’t matter where you are in the “class system” it is for “you” – I am glad that people have been supporting the nationalisation of NHS (which if you think about is odd that a “public service” is becoming “private”) I have faith that this will prevail.


In order to see the logistics one must filter through the nonsense the money deficit in this country doesn’t make sense when millions is being spent on one thing but not on another. If it continues to be used as reason for such cuts that keep happening then how deep can cuts go? It seems that people have rightfully being challenging the cuts and telling their stories of what it is like for them, their friends, families and people’s communities.

I live in hope common sense and a simple act of morality will prosper. Socialism in its true form is not flawed it is about building a fair, democratic equal society that is what people in general should strive for.

Paul Isaacs 2016

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Ending Racism – The Illogical Perception That Hating Others Is “Right” It Isn’t


I often wondering why some would hate someone for such reasons? – How someone gets to the point of were they hate someone so much that they feel the immoral validation to take peoples lives just to “prove a point” or to “send a message” this sort of mentality not only needs to be challenged but also be challenged to  why someone would have such a perception in the first place. It is simply wrong.

Hate Does Nothing

Hate has never caused any solutions nor solved any problems but by ending hate that will have many positive outcomes for all people, equalism, opportunities, positive validation (being listen too and acknowledged as person) and communities coming together. 🙂

STAYWOKE – Together, we will END racism and police violence in America. Get involved. #StayWoke

Paul Isaacs 2015

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What I Have Observed In The Autism World – It Needs To Change

The Beginning 

Author ImageI was diagnosed with Autism in 2010 at the age of 24 years old that same year I started a new career venture as a public speaker and later a trainer and consultant. After the diagnosis as my parents and I were walking towards car my Mum gently directed and reaffirmed to me that I was person first and both she and my Dad had always seen me (and would continue to do so) as “Paul”.

Culture Shock – Part 1

In my own naivety I was unaware that autism had a pre-existing “culture” that was in place I was slowly being introduced to words that I wasn’t either comfortable with or didn’t understand their significance in the ways of the world. To me in 2011 is where these internalised struggles started people were in directly and later directly saying that autism defines every part of them, what they do how they think and feel. I wanted to know the mechanics of my autism to empower others that was all. I also was on   a quest for my sense of personhood that I valued and still do first and foremost.

Autism Isn’t “One Thing”

Over the many years as a speaker, trainer and consultant it is only fair that Autism should  not be seen as a mass of traits that  affect the people who are diagnosed in the same way but as clustering of pre- existing elements that create one’s own unique profile. In 2010 I was introduced to Donna Williams’ Fruit Salad model of Autism which has helped understand the mechanics of me but a clear and firm realisation that seeing myself as a person first isn’t a negative thing but a positive thing.

Culture Shock – Part 2

As an advocate on the Autism spectrum I feel I have a personal and professional responsibility to not project the tired stereotypes and that the only perspective I can speak from is my own. Sadly, what I have seen is a very negative side of this culture which includes “neurotypical” being used as reversed prejudiced attack – I dislike this word as it creates more barriers and in my view isn’t the correct word to use. I have witnessed “them” and “us” language, separatism, militancy, bullying, death threats and character assassinations.

This in the last two years has been a real concern for me regardless of if you are on the spectrum or not this is no excuse for such behaviours. We should all learn to respect each other’s views regardless of disagreement. Personally I don’t see Autism as culture but as a disability where  a culture has been built around it. It is a set of ideas.

Mental Health – A Personal Perspective 

Because of these issues and others this has taken a toll on my mental health I have seen to much and it has made me question a lot things over the last year or so. I lost myself through over investment and low self-esteem and self worth. This is partly because my views were not seen on par with the status quo and partly the way in which I was told either through silence or attacks, I know I am worth more.


I worry about the people on the autism spectrum who are functionally non-verbal, those who have autism with a learning disability and  parents and guardians are not getting their voices, opinions and realities heard and acknowledged.

Everyone is equal so therefore realities are equal (even if in reality it doesn’t happen) so if that is the case then the whole spectrum should be included? Surely?

Personhood First? Why is this Important? 

I was born a person and I will not shackled into thinking  that every aspect of me is my autism – for the reasons stated above I am going to explore other ventures such as art, poetry, fashion and so forth.

I am still an advocate, I will present speeches, present training, write and blog but with a different mindset to the world which I was eagerly presented to. I shall not miss this aspect of it – it is damaging and misleading and in my opinion needs to change before others get treated the same way.

Beyond The Label (Pastures Green)

Ever the thoughtless fable to define someone by a label

To glamourise or demonise is the answer listen to your call

Can you really speak for all? A court Jestor or fool?

Beyond the label is before loving the person for themselves

Out of the confines you shed a smile. It has been a while?

I look at the rolling fields and trees, the splender of the grass

The waving flowers and the earth, watching the world pass

The plodding dog eager to please, always up for a tease

I have no regrets my body is fluid it doesn’t stall to freeze

I sup on tea and live in moment -I want to please.


Paul Isaacs 2015


Egalitarianism & Equalism – Is That The Way Forward For Autism?

Egalitarian doctrines maintain that all humans are equal in fundamental worth or social status”

Cambian Event 2014 12

Everyone Is Precious & Equal

In the context of the autism world (and my outlook in general) this is where I stand equality is for everyone, everybody who is in this world.

I look at both sides of the the coin and take into account peoples realities (that makes me neutral/moderate/in the middle) that means that you look in a more three dimensional perspective of peoples diverse realities you cannot speak for all but one can learn from EACH OTHER through listening, experiencing and connecting. That is what is needed in this world kindness and empathy and accepting other people’s views.
That means the inclusion of

  • Parents/Carers/Guardians
  • All Experiences On The Spectrum (The Whole Spectrum)
  • Professionals In The Field Of Autism (Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Biologists etc)
  • Social Support Services
  • Educational Services
  • Housing Services
  • And Many More

Militancy & Extremism Is That Equality?

No it isn’t it is quite the reverse it subjects people, suppresses them into a forced mode of thought and/or perception this means that voices potentially get lost in the process making people feel if they don’t go along with this – they are out of the “club”, lonely or worse.

All views are of equal valor in the context. They should not be violent, immature or disrespectful to someone’s character – all views even in disagreement can be acknowledged and politely disagreed with.

This is why I am not a “culturist” or a “curist” but I believe in a balanced manner both sides have the right to their views it is in the way that they’re expressed and what is behind them.



Human Living?

I also try my best to live with the good cards I was given not over-investing in my autism being the defining factor of my being (but having a healthy acknowledgment of it that it’s there) but also thinking about other qualities I have such as being a writer, poet and artist – I do have disability, I do have autism and I have a “mild” learning disability that is true but I am a human being first and foremost. And for someone to be seen as a person equal to everyone else is a basic human right for anyone.

And for someone to be seen as a person equal to everyone else is a basic human right for anyone.

Social Equality It’s For Everyone

Accepting experiences is through the understanding that everybody was born equal, no labels, no social status, no preconceptions just born a little person preparing to grow-up on whatever path is grown from development, environment and/or otherwise.

Everybody has the right to have a roof over their head, three meals a day, a wage/payment which can support themselves and their families, a benefit system that cares for the disabled and people with mental illnesses, a government that looks out for all it’s people, wars quenched not and man made barriers be fallen so every person knows the commonality of being human.

Everybody is all different and let people be novices to other peoples experiences so another person gains anew. People all deserve the right to be equal.

Paul Isaacs 2014


Venessa Bobb – Autism Advocate, Speaker, Videographer, Editor & Parent – Equality For All On The Autism Spectrum


 Autism sees no colour, race, sex, age, class, status or faith!!

That is correct and so true and it encapsulates Venessa’s passionate message that people on the spectrum, carers, guardians and other family members can be anyone. There is no set rule and I like the fact that Vanessa is spreading this empowering message to others and breaking down the tired stereotypes of Autism and is promoting,  advocating and creating meaningful and productive inclusion for all on the spectrum. 🙂

Venessa has a son Nathaniel with Autism & ADHD and I admire her for her support and awareness that she is bringing in and across UK about the importance of inclusion for all, acceptance of all and empowerment for all. 🙂

Thank you Venessa for you tireless work and commitment to this cause. 🙂


A2ndVoice BLOG





Paul Isaacs 2014


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Zaffy Simone – Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Artist & Illustrator On The Autism Spectrum

zaffy cartoon form

Copyright Zaffy Simone


I had the privilege of meeting and speaking to Zaffy Simone and hearing him speak at a NAS event about sensory, communication and language processing on the Autism spectrum – He uses highly detailed, stylised, humorous and serious cartoons and illustrations to convey his communication and sensory world  offering the audience a chance to glimpse not only into his world but explore if they or any other people they know (family members, friends etc) on the Autism spectrum have these issues.

He offers positive,  practical and  direct advice for meltdowns and information overloads to which is very much needed. He also has created artwork for T-shirts as well which is based on the artwork and quotes he uses in his presentations. 🙂

What an amazing advocate. 🙂





Zaffy’s Autism Presentation


Paul Isaacs 2014


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In Memory Of Connor Sparrowhawk

When I read about this tragedy and listened to Connor’s Mother Sara Ryan on record Radio Show, I felt that more should be done about this, Connor who had Autism, Learning Disability & Epilepsy sadly passed away due to being left in the bath, neglected and alone in a place where he should have been supported, looked after and cared for he was only 18.

Words fail me at this moment the sadness that Sara his Mother is still going through and the fact that Connor’s death was preventable just doesn’t make sense to me. In 2014 and the 21st Century we should be treating every human being with the respect and dignity they deserve. People with Learning Disabilities should not be “written off” they’re people with hopes, dreams, intelligence, aspirations and have a right for inclusion.

Sara has setup and campaign and I commend her for her strength and bravery to speak out and say this is wrong! And that things need to change and change for the better.






Paul Isaacs 2014


To Be Human, To Be Equal & The Problem With Human Narcissism

A Person Who Feels They’re Better And Above Others – What Sort Of A Journey Is That? 

Compensatory Narcissistic Personality Disorder

I have met people like this who fit this personality type, what worries me is how anyone could treat someone like an object, a thing, a means to an end, selfish beyond words, seeking superiority, dominance and control over others and overall delusions of “fame” and/or “aboveness”.

To Be Human, to Be Equal

To understand that to be wrong is good, to accept mistakes is part of being human, to connect with people means not to judge, to share with others and listen to PEOPLE as PEOPLE with souls and personhoods who have their own reality, feelings, thoughts and emotions and LIFE which is equal to everyone else’s and to believe that no one is “above” or “better” we are all equal in our humanness.  🙂

Paul Isaacs 2014

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Francesca Martinez – WOW, Disability Rights, Disability Advocate, Speaker, Actress & Comedian

Francesca MartinezOVERVIEW

Francesca Martinez is an inspiring person with a wicked sense of humour and a positive outlook on life she has Cerebral Palsy and is an actress (started on UK’s “Grange Hill in 1994) and a comedian performing at many venues around world winning awards and critical acclaim for her work .


What she is also doing which is equally amazing has set up War ON Welfare (with other lovely folks) which is questioning and and giving a voice to our most vulnerable in society, their rights, their needs and the over all need for equality and to be listened to and be treated as human beings. And one of the messages is to be listened to. (which is a human need).

She is one for common sense – Thank you Francesa for helping others. 🙂





Paul Isaacs 2014