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A Syndrome Within My Autism “Fruit Salad” – Gertsmann Syndrome, Visual Agnosias & Premature Birth

Me at 6 Months Old With My Teddy

Me at 6 Months Old With My Teddy

Note this a personal perspective of Gertsmann Syndrome in the context of Autism

“Paul was the product of a premature delivery and was considered a very small baby when born. Some physicians would consider the fact that he is left handed a possible sign of brain damage from his premature delivery. As other autistic individuals, Paul had delayed language acquisition, an atrocious handwriting, and a possible learning deficit. The commonality of all of his signs and symptoms is what both Paul and Donna Williams call a “fruit salad”.” 


This is part of Dr Manuel Casanova‘s wonderful review of my book this takes into account which part for my brain were affected left hempshire neglect right brain dominance that is where the Visual agnosias occipital and temporal & lobes are Simultanagnosia,Semantic AgnosiaAuditory verbal agnosiaAphasiaAuditory agnosia the left side of the brain the semantics of auditory, visual information is as well as communication (expressive and receptive).

Premature birth and a silent stroke  & lack oxygen with genetic factors  contributed to acquiring Gertsmann Syndrome

Gerstmann syndrome is characterized by four primary symptoms:

  1. Dysgraphia/agraphia: deficiency in the ability to write
  2. Dyscalculia/acalculia: difficulty in learning or comprehending mathematics
  3. Finger agnosia: inability to distinguish the fingers on the hand
  4. Left-right disorientation


So do I have an Autism profile as to an opposed Aspergers? Yes. Are Autism and Asperger Profiles different? Yes.

Can people have mixture of Asperger and Autism Profiles meaning they can relate visual agnosias and literal processing of language (for example) Yes.  Donna Williams calls them Aspinauts.  Autism is a very diverse spectrum indeed. But one should never forget their personhood. 🙂 

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