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Thomley Families A Place To Thrive




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It has been a year since Warren CEO and Joe Service Manager came to me with regards to being one of the many patrons of Thomley Families.

Moving Forward

I continue to enjoy the ventures, commitment that is made to improving the lives of people with disabilities at Thomley with the new construction of new Pavilion, expansion of the site, a dedicated staff team, fundraising ventures and community projects that set out not only to help the young people that attend Thomley but the family and friends also.


I have always been made to feel welcome and apart of the team this a firm reflection of the ethos that is instilled into the very fabric and ethos of Thomley Families as a place for people to be empowered, supported and to be connected. Many thanks

Paul Isaacs 2017


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Francesca Martinez – WOW, Disability Rights, Disability Advocate, Speaker, Actress & Comedian

Francesca MartinezOVERVIEW

Francesca Martinez is an inspiring person with a wicked sense of humour and a positive outlook on life she has Cerebral Palsy and is an actress (started on UK’s “Grange Hill in 1994) and a comedian performing at many venues around world winning awards and critical acclaim for her work .


What she is also doing which is equally amazing has set up War ON Welfare (with other lovely folks) which is questioning and and giving a voice to our most vulnerable in society, their rights, their needs and the over all need for equality and to be listened to and be treated as human beings. And one of the messages is to be listened to. (which is a human need).

She is one for common sense – Thank you Francesa for helping others. 🙂





Paul Isaacs 2014

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Common Sense Please! – The Time for Change is Needed!

Is it right to justify attacks on the sick, disabled, unemployed, poor and old by “changing the welfare” state? No Is it right to consistently privatise public sectors of the state. No. Is it right it bump up the prices of housing? No. Is it right to bump up the prices of transport year after year? No. Is it right to have people who have lived in their house for years and be told to “pay for a bedroom” No. Is it right to constantly blame people from other countries and blame them for these issues? No Is it time for change! YES!

If something isn’t broke there is no need to change it, why should people be made to feel ashamed and that it’s “their fault”? For being in circumstances which is out of their control. If these ideas of “change” are so needed then why are people opposing them on mass? Because these “changes” are damaging to people in society, their families, their children and loved ones.

Why not promote empowerment be keeping the welfare state (DLA and ESA) as it is! Helping families, children, parents, the sick, the elderly and the disabled to live positive, meaningful and productive lives without fear of poverty and rejection the rights to good health care, education, housing, transport are basic human rights which everyone should be entitled to. I am not a fan of politics at all but I am for common sense, morals and equality. 

As a person with a disability I want to feel safe, secure and understood in society.

Paul Isaacs 2014