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To My Gramp – Gilbert Harpwood A Man Who Enjoyed Life

My Gramp Gilbert Harpwood was a man who enjoyed life to the full he was an avid gardener tending to his vegetables and flowers with relish and passion, eager to plant his seeds that would blossom each year such as his runner beans, cabbages and brussel sprouts they tasted lovely and as he said it is because they’re organic.

Gramp 1930s

He was fascinated by the weather noting and logging the rainfalls and temperature changes through the years in his little note book which he called his “diary” which he has many of and would be interesting to look back at what he noticed over the years.

His other main passion was football and he was an avid support of Oxford United all of his adult life going to the Manor Stadium and also Kassam, he made many friends there and made lots of fans around him laugh with his antics and child-like wit which came in the form of chants, laugher, heckling and being accompanied by his little teddy mascot called Messy which he put in his bag with his little head poking out. Gramp always liked to imagine he was watching the game too.

Gramp Oxfod United.JPG

My Gramp was a pragmatic, idiosyncratic, humorous and a largely misunderstood man he was caring, loving, helpful and affectionate in his own unique way to his family and close friends. He was a very guarded man and liked to keep himself to himself only opening up to people whom he felt comfortable with. I am grateful for knowing him and spending time with him listening to his stories of old, wisdom, humour, political views and so forth.

My Nan and Gramp had a wonderful relationship which last over 60 years during his passing she viewed him as her rock they had a deep love for each other which last a lifetime with treasured loyalty to his wife, both sharing precious moments such as marriages, births and anniversary celebrations. Gramp’s favourite time of the year was Christmas time in which he would like to play the jester eagerly taking part in jokes, enjoying the food, the TV programs and other festivities with the family.

He made firm contributions to village such as aiding the management of the roads around the area, letting the council know about filling in the pot holes and also taking a general interest in village life attending the meetings at the hut.


Nan & Gramp 50th Wedding Anniversary

He was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome a form of autism in 2011 at the age of 84 which in many ways surprised me that he was open enough to go to a diagnostic session and open up about his life with such candour and honesty, when the session was finished he concluded that is “why he was like he was”.  Reading books on the subject from the library.

Despite his cancer he carried on till the end a lover of life and person who wanted live and he will do in our hearts and minds forever if there is a cloud up the sky with a garden patch ready to be tended to I know my Gramp will be there ready to tend to it.

I love you Gramp and thank you. 🙂

Paul Isaacs 2017



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When Your Father Has Cancer And Life Is Comprised It Puts Things In Perspective.

20160708_194624My Dad is a foundation of why I do not wallow in self pity for too long, he is a trooper with a good sense  humour and a positive  outlook on life itself, for five years he has been in constant pain due to his leukaemia and graft vs host disease.

I am constantly reminded not only of the fragility of someones mortality but also the inner positivism of the human spirit, he seldom moans, complains or feels sorry for himself he is always pushing himself to the limit supporting the family as and when needed.

He takes 90 tablets a week all to aid his fragile immune system and he has weekly checkups and is on a high dose of steroids and has blood cleaning once a week also.

He is tired a lot with pain or high and emotionally unbalanced due to the psychological fallout of having a high dose of steroids. I am glad he is still with us and I am so glad I can spend time with him we support each other he is a practical, down to earth man, takes no bullshit and shoots from the hip. I respect his worldly wise advice giving  good foundation for accepting failure as normal, taking ownership of situations and humility. He is highly spiritual.

His life may well be shortened  but he is adamant to live it to the full. 🙂 I think we could all learn from this.

Paul Isaacs 2016


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When People Have Cancer And Others Are So Selfish

Dad 2012Think About This?  

I like this a lot me Dad gets this all the the time you “look well”, “you seem well”, “you look ok”, “you look healthy” or the best on “you can take a tablet for that?” well when my Dad is

  • In Perssiant pain
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Reacting to drugs on a daily basis
  • Blood infusions (cleaing his blood) on weekly basis
  • Muscles that tighten on a weekly basis
  • Soft tissue that is so damaged that he has scarring on his lungs
  • Graft vs host disease that leaves him in pain and fatigue
  • Nearly dying in hospital on five separate occlusions
  • Leukaemia that effects his auto-immune system and has done for over 6 years

Then maybe just maybe will people think about my Dad ‘s or our family’s reality? Rather than ignoring him on the street or where he lives (yes that has happened on more than once) even if you don’t speak to him. don’t be so selfish, narcissistic and ignorant to think that everything is going to be on your terms and is always about you.

My Dad is a humble, easy-going, socially accepting man and is still a very positive man despite the difficulties listed above. 🙂

What is Sick Supposed To Look Like Anyways? Video Link 

Paul Isaacs 2016

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Mesothelioma  Awareness – Heather Von St. James

Heather Von St. James 2013

Heather Von St. James

Cameron & Heather Von St. James

Cameron Von St. James contacted me and talked about his wife Heather’s amazing and inspiring journey with Mesothelioma a form of cancer – through awareness we can reach out to those who are touched by cancer the people, their families, friends and loved ones and help.
I urge people to become aware and share their stories, moments and hearts to this cause and spread awareness, knowledge and hope.

Mesothelioma that affects the pleura can cause these signs and symptoms:

·         Chest wall pain
·         Pleural effusion, or fluid surrounding the lung
·         Shortness of breath
·         Fatigue or anemia
·         Wheezing, hoarseness, or cough
·         Blood in the sputum (fluid) coughed up (hemoptysis)
In severe cases, the person may have many tumor masses. The individual may develop a pneumothorax, or collapse of the lung. The disease may metastasize, or spread to other parts of the body.
Tumors that affect the abdominal cavity often do not cause symptoms until they are at a late stage. Symptoms include:
·         Abdominal pain
·         Ascites, or an abnormal buildup of fluid in the abdomen
·         A mass in the abdomen
·         Problems with bowel function
·         Weight loss
In severe cases of the disease, the following signs and symptoms may be present:
·         Blood clots in the veins, which may cause thrombophlebitis
·         Disseminated intravascular coagulation, a disorder causing severe bleeding in many body organs
·         Jaundice, or yellowing of the eyes and skin
·         Low blood sugar level
·         Pleural effusion
·         Pulmonary emboli, or blood clots in the arteries of the lungs
·         Severe ascites
A mesothelioma does not usually spread to the bone, brain, or adrenal glands. Pleural tumors are usually found only on one side of the lungs.
Copyright Wikipedia 2014

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Reflective Thinking – My Father’s Glass Is Half Full – Is Yours?


My Father has a form of Leukemia called CLL with P53 gene deletion he has always reminded positive during his journey 

Dad With Cake

“Two and half years ago l was told by consultant l had months to live without a bone marrow transplant.”

“I was in hospital for 2 months got fungal pneumonia that nearly finished me off. I am nobody special a working class bloke. My experience with death has made me very spiritual people that know me may be surprised..but that experience has changed me forever.”

Paul Isaacs Adult with Autism 2014

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Autism & P53 Gene Deletion – Metabolic Disorders are Apart of Autism “Fruit Salads”

Dad's 40thOVERVIEW

My Dad was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2010, before that he was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer called CLL, what was also recognised in is that he had a p53 gene deletion which is a protein which protects the body from cancer and other auto-immune attacking virus’/cancers/bacterias.

Some people with Autism is not purely neurological it is biological too and that can mean the metabolic and autoimmune systems can be affected as a result, I believe this broadens the diversity of Autism and its different presentations and also I believe more research should be done in this area. Donna Williams also has these issues within her Autism “Fruit Salad” also.


Over ten years ago in the USA they done a test on 30-40 men on the Autistic Spectrum and they had partial to full p53 deletion.


My Dad is a very positive and empowering man and I wrote a poem which I feel, reflects this I love him dearly. 🙂


In Autism don’t “mourn for the life you could have had” work with what you have got here and now – My Dad has confirmed to me how precious life is, how words should be chosen properly and actions should be thought through – It’s him and what he has been through with a smile, positivity, courage and inspiration. I supported him in hospital with Autism training for the staff on the ward, he supports me when I have no more words and need assistance with things.  Give and take is so important. 

POS ENERGY MAN (inspired by my Father)

Pos- Energy Man came from a land
Where all the bad stuff came and dealt him a hand?
“Oh no” said Pos-Energy man this is not my time, nor my plan
Surrounding himself goodness, surrounding him with love
So he could be a as free as dove
Pos- Energy Man came from a land
But that doesn’t mean he has to play the same tune of the band
Life hasn’t dealt him a bad hand
Because he has a loving plan
To live his life in Pos- Energy Land
That is the Goodness of the Pos- Energy Man

Paul Isaacs 2014