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Book Review Autism Decoded: The Cracks in the Code: Volume 1 By Stella Waterhouse


This books is a must read for parents, professionals and people on the autism spectrum 

Stella Waterhouse has been a professional in the field of autism since the 1970’s with a whole wealth information that taps into the very soul with resonance and deep thought, she clear has a passion for getting the knowledge out there by presenting different aspects in chapters with detailed and accessible writing.

From detailed historical elements of autism, professionals and advocates on the autism spectrum  written with eager candor, emotion and objectivity to the multi-faceted nature of autism broken  down into accessible  pieces.

  • Sensory Perceptual Disorders
  • Sensory Processing
  • Theory of Mind
  • Context Blindness
  • Language Processing
  • Exposure Anxiety 
  • Alexithymia
  • Personality Types
  • OCD, ADHD and other co-conditions
  • Short/Long Term Memory
  • System of “Sensing”
  • Facilitated Communication 
  • Left-Right Brain Functions & Brain Development 
  • Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome 
  • Savantism

The running theme in book contextual to the information based on the specific chapter is to give a human element that touches the reader, makes them think, reflect, perspective take, feel emotion and more.(with first person account and historical accounts).Woven with relative and  factual elements (such as the brain and nervous system) that broaden the palette and overall sphere of information giving rounded, objective and fluidity the runs from page to page.

This is a refreshing book that achieves the very title it was given looking beyond the stale and liner 2D nature of autism and opening up a broadening 3D perspective that will no doubt help generations to come. Highly recommended.

Paul Isaacs 2017



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The Brain Of Someone With Autism – Dr Manuel Casanova

Dr Casanova

Dr Casanova


I have a lot of respect for this gentleman, his work is very much to do with the questions that many people ask about the brain of someone with Autism the what’s? and the whys? and the hows? In his research Manuel Casanova has pursued to answer those questions in detail with many different cases studies into under and over connectivity in the brain to how the brain grows, is it genetic? is it acquired? a mix? What else? The endless possibilities are open to be explored but I would like to point out to you that Manuel has a deep care and kindness for people on the Autism spectrum and their personhoods. 🙂


This is to with sensory perceptual issues within Autism and brain connectivity, information processing, motion control, agnosias, aphasias, apraxias, learning difficulties, learning disabilities etc. I find this very interesting because it’s giving an inside perspective of what is making someone with Autism think, feel and process the world differently.



I like the work that Manuel is doing with care, dedication, empowerment and understanding for others on the spectrum, their loved ones and more. 🙂 Taking the time and effort to do this reflects what I have just said above and it also shows that care that he has for folks on the spectrum.



Thanks for Manuel. 🙂

Paul Isaacs  2014