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The Brain Of Someone With Autism – Dr Manuel Casanova

Dr Casanova

Dr Casanova


I have a lot of respect for this gentleman, his work is very much to do with the questions that many people ask about the brain of someone with Autism the what’s? and the whys? and the hows? In his research Manuel Casanova has pursued to answer those questions in detail with many different cases studies into under and over connectivity in the brain to how the brain grows, is it genetic? is it acquired? a mix? What else? The endless possibilities are open to be explored but I would like to point out to you that Manuel has a deep care and kindness for people on the Autism spectrum and their personhoods. 🙂


This is to with sensory perceptual issues within Autism and brain connectivity, information processing, motion control, agnosias, aphasias, apraxias, learning difficulties, learning disabilities etc. I find this very interesting because it’s giving an inside perspective of what is making someone with Autism think, feel and process the world differently.



I like the work that Manuel is doing with care, dedication, empowerment and understanding for others on the spectrum, their loved ones and more. 🙂 Taking the time and effort to do this reflects what I have just said above and it also shows that care that he has for folks on the spectrum.



Thanks for Manuel. 🙂

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Autism & Brain Gym – Integration – Left or Right Brain Dominance


Following the from the post with Donna Williams about brain activity/integration I thought I would put some points that helped me as a young person with Autism.

Left Hemisphere Neglect was my issues so what help with me getting a sense of my own body, balance and integration etc?

What Helped? 

1. Was introduced to swimming since I was 5 years old has done me a lot of good that was at primary school (helped me sense my body, body movement)

2. Riding a bike from any early age (helped with balance, sense of body, left and right etc)

3. Living in the countryside walking with dogs (helped with depth, pressure, leverage and how gauge different modes of walking)

4. Was allowed “Sensory Explore” in the back garden (feeling textures, elements etc)

5. Father introduced me to Taekwondo (balance, sense of body, core strength, simultaneous movements of arms, legs and body) 

I hope this helps. 🙂

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