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Autism from the inside

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Autism & Identity

I have never seen all of my being as autistic because the word is an adjective a describing word of an experience.

Current Experiences

I experience face blindness, object blindness and meaning blindnessas I do a language processing disorder, hemiplegia, body agnosias and associated learning difficulties.

Past-Tense Experiences

There are also experiences in the past tense such as over coming oral apraxia, high levels of exposure anxiety, selective mutism and gaining functional speech although it was a long road to doing so.

Personality Types

I have personality types such as Mercurial, Idiosyncratic, Self-Sacrificing and Serious (all human beings have personality types of varying types).


Autism is not ALL it is PART OF I see myself as a person a patchwork quilt made of many things. Autism just “is” I am neither proud nor ashamed. I seek balance not objectification. ūüėä

Paul Isaacs 2019



6 Months

Me at 6 Months Old With My Teddy



The Autism spectrum is a diverse spectrum of different profiles or as¬†Donna Williams¬†puts it¬†“Fruit Salads”¬†and different profiles means different presentations – I myself was diagnosed with Autism in 2010 and through recent interesting and fascinating conversations with Donna here is why I have an Autie Profile.


Copyright D.Williams from her Blog¬†Differences between Aspergers and Autism ‚Äėfruit salads‚Äô?

Fruit Salad Analogy Donna Williams

Fruit Salad Analogy Copyright D.Williams

  • higher degrees and severity of¬†gut,¬†immune,¬†metabolic¬†disorders, epilepsy and genetic anomalies impacting health systems –¬†This is related to the family and history of cancer of both sides of my family¬†including¬†a¬†recognised¬†gene deletion¬†

  • mood, anxiety, compulsive disorders commonly observed since infancy –¬†This is in my book “Living Through The Haze” in my early years I was showing signs of these issues from pre-school onwards

  • commonly amazing balance but commonly hypotonia

  • simultagnosia/meaning blindness¬†rather than just scotopic sensitivity –¬†Visual fragmentation and “seeing without meaning” is¬†specifically¬†to do with both simultagnosia, context blindness and semantic agnosia

  • verbal agnosia/meaning deafness¬†–¬†I have problem with filtering words with meaning they revert back sounds the larger the chunks of information

  • verbal communication impairments (aphasia, oral dyspraxia, verbal agnosia and associated echolalia and commonly secondary Selective Mutism)-¬†“losing words within me”, having problems with articulation, patterning, themeing and feeling my own langauge (before interpartive language), reading information without meaning, echolalia and when speech was gained

  • higher severity of LD/Dyslexia/agnosias¬†–¬†Yes this relates to understanding/processing information

  • tendency toward OCD/Tourettes, also higher rate of Schizotypal PD, DPD is common and tends to be more severe –¬†Yes developed OCD aged 12, tic disorder and throat clearing age 8,¬†Schizotypal¬†and¬†Borderline¬†PDs

  • higher tendency to Exposure Anxiety more than AvPD –¬†Exposure Anxiety in Childhood/Teenage Years and ¬†and Early Adulthood

  • higher tendency toward¬†dissociative¬†states (dissociation, derealisation, depersonalisation)¬†– Yes this¬†relates to me

  • poetry¬†by those with autism as opposed to AS commonly indicates those with autism can have high levels of introspection, insight –¬†Yes this does relate to me

  • ADHD extremely common co-occurrence –¬†Hyperactivity as a child


Donna Williams Analogy does expand on the true diversity of Autism and all it’s different presentations I hope this helps others as much as it has helped me.¬†

Paul Isaacs 2014

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The Curious Autie Cat – My Way of Thanking Donna Williams

My Way of Saying Thank You for your help Donna. 
(Inspired by Donna Williams’ Painting “Really?”)



Tilting its head & Wondering

Surrounding in a world so bright and Thundering
On the outside looking in, somewhat with Perplexion
Thank you for accepting me with positive Reflection
Thank YOU for letting me In
Thank you for letting me smile and Grin
I’m Remembering how you Feel (at tuning your voice)
I know that this acceptance is for Real
Thank You for letting me be all that!
The Curious Autie Cat.

Paul Isaacs 2014

Without Donna’s Fruit Salad Analogy (1995/2005) (which I will be reference a lot on this blog page) I wouldn’t understand the mechanics of my Autism. She has empowered so many. with her kindness. ūüôā