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In The Autism World It Is Always Best To Remember You Are A Person

Paul Big LegsI Am Sorry But I Must Say Something

The “culture” I was told that would support me
It doesn’t it has brought me sadness, it has made me shackled
It has not “set me free” I want to live a simple life
Where people are equal for that very reason with strife

Arguments a plunder my heart sinks and my nerves crack like thunder
As I feel my self esteem pulled down into the depths of the under
I ponder to myself what is it all about? Can’t people get along
Not one scream and not one shout, echoes all about

No more I say – I have given it my all I can be the person I was
His name was “Paul” and that is the some of it all
Hold hands and hearts and rejoice for we are not all one voice
But many are unsung, drowned out and ignored not the people’s choice

My heart fills with sunshine when I know that being here is no plight
Real friends and family give me my real joy, no more fights
A family member told me tenderly remember who you are that set me free
An onward path of freedom, hope and reflective clarity


Thank you to you all I have decided not to over-invest in the autism “culture” or politics anymore. I have stated my opinions and listened to others that is great . My view still is we are all human and can learn from each other and in the context of autism that still applies no one person is the same, no one person can speak for all, but one can talk about their reality and if it helps someone great and if it something you cannot relate too or don’t experiences equally great. 🙂

Paul Isaacs 2015

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Emotions, Words and Speech Production In The Context Of Autism


Note – This is from a personal perspective 

The Landscape of Words

Speaking and going on and on for the one’s sake not knowing the beginning where it started nor where it ended or  were it should end the internal cluttering coming from within me like a tidal wave of phonics being spurted out in a “scatter gun” approach the receptive sounds coming into my consciousness  – I had a speech and language delay (I had no coherent words in my head until I was 7/8 years old) and the words are still whirling trying to pin point meaning, context, relevance, need, want, substance, creativity, what the other person wants, what I want it doesn’t always fit it at times is  lack of coherence a kaleidoscope of feelings with no visual basis or formation. I will always try and have a go and feel by trying it is giving me more opportunities  to integrate and connect.


In psychology, logorrhea or logorrhoea (from Ancient Greek λόγος logos and ῥέω rheo “to flow”) is a communication disorder, expressed by excessive wordiness with minor or sometimes incoherent talkativeness.

Sometimes I talk and talk but it doesn’t mean I understand or connect with what I am saying (the expressive function) and also the I don’t always process what the other person is saying (receptive function) this is in context is to do with with aphasia and the “cluttering” of language based auditory information. This is reflected in the content and the way in which I am expressing the information at the time.

Thought Disorder

In psychiatry, thought disorder (TD) or formal thought disorder (FTD) refers to disorganized thinking as evidenced by disorganized speech. Specific thought disorders include derailment, poverty of speech, tangentiality, illogicality, perseveration, neologism, and thought blocking.


In psychiatry, derailment (also loosening of association, asyndesis, asyndetic thinking, knight’s move thinking, or entgleisen) is a thought disorder characterized by discourse consisting of a sequence of unrelated or only remotely related ideas. The frame of reference often changes from one sentence to the next.

In the context of how I process words and my own emotions which is a condition called alexithymia (I connect with gesture, movement, tactile feeling, textures and tastes) my thoughts are buried beneath many hidden levels this can lead to thoughts ebbing and flowing from within me with multiple things being said from different areas. The irregular retrieval means that I always trying to find words for emotions and the emotions come first so it happens in reverse causing the issues stated above also.


I will continue to try and find the things within me that connect with being human which make me feel inclusive, connected and integrated with the world around me using the tools i have learned to the best of my abilities. 🙂 Poetry from a personal perspective has helped me with these processes of word formation and emotions. 🙂

Paul Isaacs 2014

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Sydney Edmond – Speaker, Author, Poet & Advocate on The Autism Spectrum

Copyright Sydney Edmond's The Purple Tree

Copyright Sydney Edmond’s The Purple Tree


I had the honor of connecting with Sydney on Facebook recently, and I admire her for her positivity, keen learning and emotive and emotional writing through her poetry and wise words that all people should read/hear/experience. She has presented speeches, written a book of poetry entitled  “The Purple Tree –  And Other Poems”  with a Foreword By Donna Williams in 2010 and also a film “My Name is Sydney”.

She values her personhood she wants to recognised for being “Syndey” and all which that entails, she gives a reflective and empowering message that all forms of communication are valid and that everyone has the right to be listened too.

Thank for sharing your words with the world Sydney people are listening and people are empowering. 🙂





Paul Isaacs 2014


Donna Williams – Author, Singer, Songwriter, Artist & Consultant on The Autism Spectrum

Donna Williams Copyright D.Williams and C. Samuel


Donna Williams is a multi-talented person on the spectrum who has a long career in consultancy, public speaking, writing and also singing and songwriting. She has in many ways uncovered the  different aspects of Autism – “Fruit Salads” and she has re-evaluated  what is “Autism”? How does it present itself from person to person? What are the “mechanics”, “meta-syndromes”, autoimmune issues, co-conditions, personality profiles and environmental issues. What are differences between an Autie “Fruit Salad” and an Aspie “Fruit Salad”. How does this person communicate? How do they “see” and “hear” and “perceive” the world?

Fruit Salad Analogy Copyright D.Williams

Fruit Salad Analogy Copyright D.Williams


Donna’s person centred and holistic lateral approach has is her “Fruit Salad Analogy” created in 1995 and revised in 2005 this gives a multi-layered view of the different Autism presentations.


Donna’s Book have been published in multiple languages all over the world and many of them are award winners in particular her first two autobiographies Nobody Nowhere and Somebody Somewhere.

  • Nobody Nowhere 
  • Somebody Somewhere
  • Like Colour/Color To The Blind
  • Everyday Heaven
  • Not Just Anything
  • Weirdos Like Me
  • Tree Of Life
  • Echoes 
  • Baloombawop 
  • The Gadoodleborger
  • Autism: An Inside Out Approach
  • Autism & Sensing
  • Exposure Anxiety: The Invisible Cage
  • Exposure Anxiety: The Handbook
  • The Jumbled Jigsaw



Donna does tremendously thought-provoking artwork which has been held at various exhibitions and used for the cover of her books as well as “communicating” through her work what Autism can “feel” like.



Donna has currently released three albums her voice is melodic with a mix of beats, spoken word and atmosphere it takes you on a trip. 🙂


I can honesty that my books, my speeches and Autism work would be a different animal if I hadn’t listened to Donna, read her books researched and talked her about he diversity of Autism “Fruit Salads” – recently we conversed over email with regards to our different/but similar “Fruit Salads” I like that she is out to break stereotypes, empower people on the spectrum so that they can be happy because that I believe (happiness) is what is needed. I like that she  has a Personhood first approach and not seeing people on the spectrum as a set of traits of symptoms. 🙂

Well I say Thank You Donna! 🙂 From a personal and professional level. 🙂

The Beacon of Hope

For Donna Williams

The empathy that comes from Within

Has allowed people to smile and Grin

To follow their dreams with strength and Gusto

To give purpose a reason to say “yes” or “no”

For all the worries of being “Slow”

You have said “let’s try something different” and up off we Go!

So my Autism is APART of Me

and if you look a little Closer

You will see ALL of me, hey! you’re a good Noticer

Thank you Helping

Thank you for Enabling

and giving abilities to Cope

Thank you for being a Beacon of Hope

Paul Isaacs 2014

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Wonderland is Here – Autie Poetry

Maybe I live world that is written in books
Whispers in the dark, centuries of old
Music that has been composed, stories that have been told
The world before visions and sounds had meaning, things of conception
Living in a world before worldly comprehension
A clock ticking backwards, a grinning cat
Endless fragments before my eyes
Endless sounds for my ears to hear
Do I live in solitude or in fear?
I like the kaleidoscope of colours
The endless depths of vision
I like just moving, not making a decision
I think through my eyes and ears is clear
Wonderland is Truly here

Paul Isaacs 2014

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Autism & P53 Gene Deletion – Metabolic Disorders are Apart of Autism “Fruit Salads”

Dad's 40thOVERVIEW

My Dad was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2010, before that he was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer called CLL, what was also recognised in is that he had a p53 gene deletion which is a protein which protects the body from cancer and other auto-immune attacking virus’/cancers/bacterias.

Some people with Autism is not purely neurological it is biological too and that can mean the metabolic and autoimmune systems can be affected as a result, I believe this broadens the diversity of Autism and its different presentations and also I believe more research should be done in this area. Donna Williams also has these issues within her Autism “Fruit Salad” also.


Over ten years ago in the USA they done a test on 30-40 men on the Autistic Spectrum and they had partial to full p53 deletion.


My Dad is a very positive and empowering man and I wrote a poem which I feel, reflects this I love him dearly. 🙂


In Autism don’t “mourn for the life you could have had” work with what you have got here and now – My Dad has confirmed to me how precious life is, how words should be chosen properly and actions should be thought through – It’s him and what he has been through with a smile, positivity, courage and inspiration. I supported him in hospital with Autism training for the staff on the ward, he supports me when I have no more words and need assistance with things.  Give and take is so important. 

POS ENERGY MAN (inspired by my Father)

Pos- Energy Man came from a land
Where all the bad stuff came and dealt him a hand?
“Oh no” said Pos-Energy man this is not my time, nor my plan
Surrounding himself goodness, surrounding him with love
So he could be a as free as dove
Pos- Energy Man came from a land
But that doesn’t mean he has to play the same tune of the band
Life hasn’t dealt him a bad hand
Because he has a loving plan
To live his life in Pos- Energy Land
That is the Goodness of the Pos- Energy Man

Paul Isaacs 2014