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Book Review How to Best Help an Autism Mum By Sharon King

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Sharon brings to the life a world in which people need to know about and the confines of subjection opened up deeper and emotion as a well placed flower, gathering water and sun in equal measure. Sometimes people do not realise the awareness and complexity of the flower and sundered people look back tracking the enlightenment and darkness as forms of reflectivity and an eternal promise of and finding of happiness and stability. Through expereince one does grow and Sharon presents her own beautiful journey of grownth to the eager reader.

Sharon conveys deep emotional introspection and wit in equal measure and she takes us on a journey that is like dark chocolate mixed with sugar bitter sweet and to her own admission it is so as she explains that with glorious and saddening anecdotes, personal examples and gentle direction to aid, advise not only the autism mum but the friends and family around her.

She talks of her feelings of her three children being all diagnosed on the autism spectrum, her husband, family and friends with a whole family dynamic in tow opening up a social context to which autism should and has to be put in. How else would one learn of differing forests and pastures not trod? Unless the delving experience hasn’t been shared to others? Sharon’s wit, desire, vitality, vulnerability, realism and clear devotion to her family burst forth from page to page.

I highly recommend this book to people on the spectrum parents, siblings and professional to let lose parental, practical, emotional and empowering grasp on the realities that are faced.

Paul Isaacs 2017

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Somebody Somewhere By Donna Williams – Finding Yourself To Help Others


Someboy Somewhere Book Cover

Copyright Donna Williams

Donna Williams’ Second book in her autobiographical saga “Somebody Somewhere”  is yet another inspiring read about the a person finding out about themselves and using this knowledge to empower and give to others.


As the title suggests it is the self realisation of validity, equality, beingness and in turn giving others the empowerment and help to find themselves in their own unique journey.

A highly reflective and inspiring read. 🙂


Paul Isaacs Autism 2014






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Nobody Nowhere By Donna Williams – An Inspiring Read

Copyright Donna Williams

Copyright Donna Williams


Donna Williams’ first autobiography “Nobody Nowhere” is the first book that I could relate to from a profile perspective although Donna and I have different profiles in broader totality. I like that Donna has advocated for people who have complex autoimmune  issues which can be apart of peoples Autism “Fruit Salad”. 🙂

What could relate to Profile wise 

  • Prosopagnosia
  • Simultagnosia
  • Visual-Verbal Agnosia
  • Auditory Verbal Agnosia/Aphasia
  • Exposure Anxiety
  • Non-Visual Thinker
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Learning Disability



Donna is fighter and you can tell this by reading her book – her difficulties in her home life, childhood, teenager years and early adulthood and her wanting to be seen as a person not to be exploited or used. Her journey is nothing short of amazing and her humanness, empathy and passion shines through in this amazing book.

Amazing 🙂




Paul Isaacs 2014

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Giving Something Back & Helping Others on the Autism Spectrum – Donna Williams & Jennifer O’Toole

Donna Williams Copyright D.Williams and C. Samuel

Donna Williams Copyright D.Williams and C. Samuel


I like Donna’s balanced, equality/humanitarian and holistic qualities that she brings to mix when talking, presenting and writing about Autism and how it is a Fruit Salad (D.Williams 1995/2005) in her many books she challenges tired stereotypes and brings inclusion for all on the spectrum which I agree with such as people who have a learning disability, people who are “seemingly” non-verbal and/or have both on the Autism spectrum. Breaking down the different “pieces” which makes a person’s unique profile and also letting everybody know that personhood is important for the person with autism themselves and others around them – and that everybody should have right to be heard and included in society. 🙂

Thanks Donna 😉





Me and Jennifer 2013

Me and Jennifer 2013


I like Jennifer’s positive attitude and with that gives practical and educational advice  to people on the autism spectrum – breaking down the old assumptions that people on the spectrum can’t learn through her presentations, books and videos she advocates for young folk on the spectrum giving not only them hope but also the parents, carers and guardians as well. This in turn is giving people a fair chance to live their life to full and has equal opportunities. She also also is very passionate about females on the spectrum and continues to advocate, educate and present to make not only people aware but the realities also. Jennifer is for inclusion for all in society. 🙂

Thanks Jennifer 😉






I like them both for their contributions to Autism and what that means for others and the wider world, I’m inspired by their selflessness, empowerment, positivity, encouragement and myth busting. I like that they have in turn empowered others on the spectrum to follow their own path (what ever that may be)! They have helped educational services, parents, people on the spectrum and more through their kindness and generosity. What amazing ladies they both are.


Paul Isaacs 2014


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Nita Jackson – Advocate, Speaker & Author On The Autism Spectrum

Nita 1 August  2012OVERVIEW

I had the privilege of meeting Nita at at National Autistic Society Conference in 2011 which was about Autism and Diagnosis, herself and her Mum Carolann talked about communication, sensory difficulties on the spectrum along with autism and employment. Nita was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in her teens, she is a very humorous and outgoing person and her passions along with autism is art, music, singing, languages and writing. She has been presenting speeches in the UK for over 10 years on the subject of autism (and other co-conditions and topics)

Nita  is also very passionate about Autism and employment and that accessibility is crucial for inclusion and equality and continues to do so through the medium of speeches and books. She has written an autobiography “Standing Down, Falling Up”  which is very provocative and empowering read, her chapter on echolalia and language was included in Tony Attwood’s “The Complete Guide To Asperger’s Syndrome”  and recently she was in the book entitled “AutiPower!” which is about living and employment on the Autism Spectrum.

She is paving the way for others on the spectrum. 🙂






Paul Isaacs 2014

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Carly Fleischmann – Advocate, Speaker & Author On The Autism Spectrum

CarlyMy name is Carly Fleischmann and as long as I can remember I’ve been diagnosed with autism.

I am not able to talk out of my mouth, however I have found another way to communicate by spelling on my computer. (and yes that is me typing on the computer by myself)

I used to think I was the only kid with autism who communicates by spelling but last year I met a group of kids that communicate the same way. In fact some are even faster at typing then I am.

Last year a story about my life was shown on ABC news, CNN and CTV here in Canada.

After my story was played I kept on getting lots of emails from moms, dads, kids and people from different countries asking me all sorts of questions about autism. I think people get a lot of their information from so-called experts but I think what happens is that experts can’t give an explanation to certain questions. How can you explain something you have not lived or if you don’t know what it’s like to have it? If a horse is sick, you don’t ask a fish what’s wrong with the horse. You go right to the horse’s mouth.

What an amazing story in this short introduction at Carly’s website you get a sense of what positive things she wants give to others on the autism spectrum, hope, empowerment, understanding, questioning things that should be questioned and ultimately to never assume with someone on the autism spectrum and always see the person. She written a book with her Father “Carly’s Voice” which shows us all the power of all forms of communication. 🙂 Amazing. 🙂




Carly’s Defining Moment – Video

Paul Isaacs 2014

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Peyton Goddard – Advocate, Speaker & Author On The Autism Spectrum

Peyton GoddardOVERVIEW

“Understaters utter I’m no one. I’m broken, moldy bread, throwaway trash, great leper. Now I know I’m a voice of never-heard voices. Nothings need to be heard.” – Peyton Goddard

What  amazing and emotive words from Peyton Goddard who have overcame the odds and assumptions put on her, I admire her positivity and drive for empowering others on the autism spectrum and seeing them as worthy capable people  – she uses Facilitated Communication to communicate and has written a book entitled – “i am intelligent” what an amazing person who is breaking the walls of stereotyping on the autism spectrum. 🙂

What an amazing lady. 🙂





Peyton and Darlene Typing FC

Paul Isaacs 2014