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Autism As A Describer Not a Definer – Combating “Label Lust” and “Overidentification”

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I have been an autism and advocate for over seven years I have seen many autism “fruit salads” in my time some people with auto-immune problems, other with complex mental health issues, others who see their autism as a curse, others who see their autism as special and unique, others who identify as their whole being as “autistic” others who don’t. I have seen militancy and anger towards people who go against old rhetoric who propose realism as opposed to glamorisation, people should allowed to give their own perspective from different angles, perspectives and offering multiple realities. 

Differing Profiles

With all the the “pieces” I describe in my training sessions and/or presentations are “describing” words the reality for that person will differ from “piece to piece” however that “piece” will have its own name and describing it allows the people understand a fragment of it albeit from a personal and/or observational perspective. Its hard to get the balance right but it is worth it.

Definition vs Describing vs Identification 

It isn’t defining people by the labels offered which is from an educational, resource perspective and even a self-reflective perspective. It is offering a window of what could be going on. I am not the speaker for all (never have been) but I put the questions out there.


Human Beings First

If we (as human beings) all defined ourselves by a set of labels it would be rather reductive and in reality a real shame. At the end of my sessions I offer a reality that despite the differing levels of “pieces” and/or disability  they are not defined by  their condition, they are human beings first like everyone else.

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Ultraman – Japanese TV Series (1966-1967)

Ultraman Series 1966The kaiju movies on the big screen at this point in time are in full stride the Godzilla franchise firmly in place and the Gamera franchise just starting up – but on the small screen there were hidden gems like “Ultraman”.


Ultraman is alien from outer-space that gives his unique powers to a human being who is apart of a special team called the Science Special Search Party who are in effect defenders of the earth – this is series is set in the future (I believe in the 1990s).


Ultraman the character comes to life when the kaiju have the ability to grow large – the added aspect of tension is the fact that when Shin Hayata uses the “beta capsule” to become “Ultraman” he has only a set amount of time before his energy runs out this is narrated during the fight scenes as a reminder adding a sense of urgency to the battle and added layer of intensity.

The series itself has many parallels to other shows such as Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds and the Super Sentai Series the plot revolved around the team in each episode and other characters within the story – the overall genre is sciences fiction but it delves into fantasy, crime, mild horror and action some of the episodes are noticeably dark in tone while others are lighter. The are constant elements of humour also throughout the series.

It is balanced mix of the all the things stated above which interesting plots, well crafted kaiju and special effects it certainly keeps you watching.


For 1966 special effects for at TV series are well crafted, ambitious and certainly creative for the small budget that was applied  – I viewed the series in HD (standard def) Upscaled to full HD the colours are bright and the grainy imperfect quality to the picture actually goes in the series favour adding a layer of atmospheric grittiness.


Ultraman is a diverse imaginatively constructed and realised kaiju TV series with an interesting plot and likable character to ambitious special effects I highly recommend this.

Paul Isaacs 2015