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NAS Lambeth/A2ndVoice Workshop – Autism & Education From A Personal Perspective

This workshop is about Autism & Education. Hosted by Venessa Bobb.

Further Information & Reading

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Be The Best Version Of Yourself

In a sometimes mind boggling world of shallow, narrow cucumber minded folk. Remember to be the person you want to be, when you close your eyes, wake up, make breakfast and go to work.

Short and timely travels within a flesh vessel of chemicals, minerals, fluids and too many a complication to bubble upon the cooking fat of existence.

I do no t adhere to clubs of a singular mentality for sometimes a heard can lead the blinkered people towards darkly paths of anxiety and self recriminations.

So I say crumble the falsehoods of separation, for they create longer bridges of acceptance to cross, know you are one person with the ability of helpfulness to share love upon everyone.

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“Prepare The Palace For My Return” – Why I’m No Better Than Anyone Else

Lord Zedd on his

Lord Zedd on his “Ivory Throne”


Being arrogant, self-conceited and thinking you’re “above” the general population either because you think your brain/way of thinking , heritage, financial or any other aspect of you life is better is wrong, not seeing beyond the veneer you have constructed for yourself.

You always think you’re right and “they” are always wrong – sitting proudly in your ivory tower and in your ivory chair.

Much like Lord Zedd from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers a caricature of someone sitting on his throne of arrogance he fits these three criteria.

Lord Zedd Takes Over Video

Everybody Is Equal – My “Autism ” Doesn’t Make me “Better

I’m person I do not see that my “Autism” as above anybody elses way of thinking, way of being – What right do I have as a person to say that? What right do I have to say that other people’s thinking/”brain-wiring” is wrong? None! I have no right to say that nor do I believe that anybody else should either. Everybody should be equal.

Autism Identity – I’m Neutral

I’m not “proud” of my Autism nor am I “ashamed” – I’m neutral and I feel that enables me to think laterally. I worry that people who become “proud” of their Autism begin to somehow think they’re better which is wrong everybody has unique qualities to offer the world from different cultures and backgrounds.

Personhood First & Autism

I’m Paul with Autism and my personhood will always come first I’m no better or no worse than anybody else I like people on the basis of personality not on the basis of “brain-wiring”, everybody has unique personhoods.

“Prepare The Palace For My Return!” – Lord Zedd barks no thanks chances are people like him created it long ago and will continue to be around folks like themselves .

Paul Isaacs 2014