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NAS Lambeth/A2ndVoice Workshop – Autism & Education From A Personal Perspective

This workshop is about Autism & Education. Hosted by Venessa Bobb.

Further Information & Reading

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Paul Isaacs 2021

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Why I Have Chosen Not To Have A Family & Thus Not Have Children?

I feel to have children you have to an emotional mindset that in turn is the ability to look after someone’s physical and emotional well-being.

The responsibility to be their primary care giver for a large portion of their lives is a massive ask.

I do not have the requirements to do this task as I struggle to do some of the most basic things. In and around daily living skills and porting over those skillsets into a parental framework would not be able to happen.

It would be neglectful on my part to also bring another life into this world under the false obligation that is what “adults do”. If you do something do it for connected reasonings.

Thinking you are up to a task and knowing are two very different frames of thought and it’s fine not to be a parent. As it is fine not to have children nor families.

Paul Isaacs 2020

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The Striving To Be Balanced

What is like to just “be”? 

The eagerness to be loved, adorned and “famous” is to be in a crippling lament for things so trivial that is but a speck in eternity of what is in the moment of your own universe, the truth is you are not the universe you are apart of, not the centre, you are neither bindless nor to binded, fragile yet made of stone, wings neither clipped, nor straddled to the sky – to seek peace is to be at one with yourself and find yourself with others – the selfless task of giving is more that just a fruitful act but something that comes from a place much deeper.

Paul Isaacs 2016