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The Problems With “Autistic Identity”& Stereotyped Perceptions

“Neurotypical” A Word Misused & Inaccurate?

There is no such thing as “neurotypical” in terms of a collective definition of people, viewpoints or principles.

It’s a word I never use as it seems to adorned a slur like status in projection. Bigotry is as such is not only based on stereotypes but I feel hinders more balanced narratives and objective dialogues and information sharing.

We Live In A Human World First Identities Come Second

This isn’t a “neurotypical” world either it is world full of different and sometimes conflicting ideas, notions and perceptions of “other” which then lead in extreme cases to towards conflicts in bias.

Autism Militant Projection & Distorted Narratives

Militant narratives burns more bridges than it claims to build, by having a narrow lense of how someone who isn’t on the autism spectrum acts, thinks, feels etc.

How does this build a platform for idea sharing, life sharing and forming healthy agreement and disagreement?

Non- Autistic Realities & Autistic Realities – All Human Beings Are Walking “Fruit Salads

There are different forms of non-autistic realities and some parts of those realities may be relatable to an “AUT-istic” experience such someone whom has faceblindness, object blindness or language processing disorder. In other words there are multi- faceted realities of being “non-autistic“.

For the AUT-ism is not a collective reality either, not everything is sensory, not everything is language processing, not everything is dyspraxia etc.

For these are potential facets of an AUT-istic experience but are separate and identifiable pieces in their own right, that can exist on their own terms and have different presentations.

The Problem With Identity- First Narrative

That is why Identity-First language is misleading because what “parts” one is choosing to relate may not be the “autism” (in their “fruit salads) anyway.

Paul 2020

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Why I Have Chosen Not To Have A Family & Thus Not Have Children?

I feel to have children you have to an emotional mindset that in turn is the ability to look after someone’s physical and emotional well-being.

The responsibility to be their primary care giver for a large portion of their lives is a massive ask.

I do not have the requirements to do this task as I struggle to do some of the most basic things. In and around daily living skills and porting over those skillsets into a parental framework would not be able to happen.

It would be neglectful on my part to also bring another life into this world under the false obligation that is what “adults do”. If you do something do it for connected reasonings.

Thinking you are up to a task and knowing are two very different frames of thought and it’s fine not to be a parent. As it is fine not to have children nor families.

Paul Isaacs 2020

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Dealing With Passive Aggressive Behaviour

I feel sorry for passive aggressive person’s over amplified and converted contact with sly control over a person’s life.

Like sucking the heavenly sap from a beautiful and fruitful tree it will slowly dry and not bear ideas anew.

I have since realised that childlike adults that produced airs of controlled silence, defiance, user of situations and emotional strife are indeed unhappy souls.

Who take away the shine of others dulled down do not let them take the shine of you away for they only want but never truly have.

Paul Isaacs 2019

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White Privilege Is Alive & Well & Needs To Stop

 Stop Ignoring It

White privilege is alive and well and I tell you is that right? Is that correct? No it dam sure isn’t it So what is to be done about it – If you judge and act upon someone based on their skin the largest organ that covers their body, if that organ/skin colour leads to social exclusion, educational exclusion, presumption of intelligence, employment exclusion, name-calling, bullying, hitting, assault, murder  and social profiling then what is to be done? Why is this still happening?

History Lead To The Present 

History is a good indicator of the atrocities that have been and yet here we are in 2016 with the same problem, the same prejudices, the same preconceptions, the same dogma.

Think About It

Everyone should be aware that this still exists with regards to these  shootings, look real hard and tell yourself is there still a problem here? Or isn’t there? Communities and people have to face this problem head on realise that this is happening and striving to become more objective, nurturing and loving.

The Angry Eye – Jane Elliot Anti Racism Activist 


Paul Isaacs 2016


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We Left The EU But Things Still Need To Change

An Opinion Should Not Be Force Fed 

Well we left so now what do we do? It’s a question on everybody’s mind who both wanted to be in and out – we will all have our different views of what should be done. I do not hold much clout with the people who done it because they were covert or over racists, nor people who wanted a quick fix for obscure smoke and mirrors memes that had more more bullshit in them than the farmer’s field next to me.


Tell you what I am sick of preying on the sick, elderly old and vulnerable in society, the homeless “that should have done more” What if they done their best?, the old man or woman “who society doesn’t give a dam about.” What if old he or she wanted was a friend and someone to talk to?, the man or woman with cancer “who is fit for work” What about all those years he or she did?, the foreigner who “should go t back to were he or she came from” what is if going back meant being killed? Poverty or worse?

Rich Fuelled Society?

A top down society where the white elite hold more grounds, money and wealth to end all of world poverty? What about a basic standard of living for all which meant no one was to suffer or have additional issues that wouldn’t be there.

More Money Lack Of Care?

Society has been blinded by two things the first is Money money, money, money that is all about these days I want more money to buy my house, I want to invest, want more and when I get some more I want more and then some! The god of many the devil to some don’t you think? It promotes a lack of care for human beings with its shallowness and societal profiling.

The next thing is care. Yes care do “we” actually care anymore? About others what sort of society are we being fed? A generic, money making, I step over you to get to the top, cooperate, me, me, me attitude riddled rhetoric.

Hope Continues 

Here’s the hope folks it is about bridging society, communities, creeds, colours, races, genders, sexuality, young, old and disabled. Its about having an NHS, fairer society security, a moral basic standard of living. To break the hate it starts at the grass roots and that is where it should start. There is hope.

Paul Isaacs 2016

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Ending Racism – The Illogical Perception That Hating Others Is “Right” It Isn’t


I often wondering why some would hate someone for such reasons? – How someone gets to the point of were they hate someone so much that they feel the immoral validation to take peoples lives just to “prove a point” or to “send a message” this sort of mentality not only needs to be challenged but also be challenged to  why someone would have such a perception in the first place. It is simply wrong.

Hate Does Nothing

Hate has never caused any solutions nor solved any problems but by ending hate that will have many positive outcomes for all people, equalism, opportunities, positive validation (being listen too and acknowledged as person) and communities coming together. 🙂

STAYWOKE – Together, we will END racism and police violence in America. Get involved. #StayWoke

Paul Isaacs 2015