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Autism from the inside

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Wretches & Jabberers DVD – A Journey Into Autism

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A moving and delightful movie and about two men on the autism spectrum who are both “functionally non-verbal” finding their voices through facilitated and typed communication. Debunking the myths that people who cannot speak with their mouths are “retarded” or “intellectually disabled”.

Tracy and Larry are best of friends and their passion for advocacy leads them to meeting others around the globe who are also yearning and fondly sharing their experiences and voices with a wider audience, showing great empathy, compassion, introspection and deepness through the words that they write to a wider audience. Bringing people into their world and inviting others to think, reflect and reevaluate what “autism” and “intelligence” even look like.  Showing great feats of creativity.

There is warmth, humour, sadness and hope sometimes all at once when listening the candid words and hopefully the viewer will come out of this experience with greater level of acceptance and make less assumptions about what is going on on the “inside”. Please all presume competence.

I highly recommend this DVD.

Paul Isaacs 2017


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Dr Who – Power of the Daleks – DVD Review


This DVD is a treat BBC Animation team have wonderfully restored via animation The Power of the Daleks which Patrick Troughton’s first serial as the Doctor.


The plot starts off at the end of The Tenth Planet a mysterious new figure emerges from the floor looking rather different, both the companions are confused and shocked by this new person who doesn’t look nor act like “their doctor”. The have landed on a planet called Vulcan with an earth space colony settlement already established there.

I have to say the plot is well crafted, eerie, ambitious, dark and full of melancholy with a tremendous amount of deep clever exposition within the story the new doctor, the whodunnit style back story, the power conflicts between primary characters and the introduction of  daleks that are far more devious, deceptive and clever  than in previous serials this is a really mature and adult which is both refreshing and well-suited.

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The animation is superb it is filmed in a 16:9 frame (rather than the conventional 4:3 of the time). I viewed this in HD upscaled 1080p 60 frames per second.  The intros are retained in film and the credits faithfully restored. The animation itself is shot in black and white with a mixture of 2D and 3D animation which is faithful to the story, the sets and the actors who appeared in them.


The audio (from the original serial) matches perfectly with animation all the set and character idiosyncrasies are perfectly retained. It is a clear a lot of love and care had gone into the recreation and it shows. I choose the 5.1 downmix and it has a lot of activity, detail and depth with good bass and a cinematic feel.


With an amazing video and audio display and a hefty lot of extras this is truly and must buy for any Doctor Who fan or science-fiction buff. This shows off what the BBC restoration team can do for future “lost episodes” in the future.

Paul Isaacs 2016

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Tokyo Godfathers (2004) – Film Review


Tokyo Godfathers’ premise is a gritty, unsettling, sad and ultimately raw Christmas time movies set in the lonely and dark streets of Japan it follows three unlikely heroes on their quest to bring an baby back it it’s parents and also find themselves in the process.


Social profiling is a difficult subject to portray in a “live action” movie but this adventitious and progressive anime sets a tone that is real and provocative the three main characters are a transgender drag queen who longs to find a partner, a girl running away from a Father who never listens to her and a man whom felt a failure as “family man”.

The movie has depth and clarity it is talking about family ties, relationships, companionship loss and hope, new beginnings, frail futures and concrete pasts all the characters have a story to tell with them looking back and moving forward. The commentary is vast it is about the middle class looking down on the poor, transphobia, homophobia,  the young preying on the weak, and young feeling they are not listened to by their elders, the system of money that seems to be more important than love with an westernised construct.

This movie on a social commentary fulfils all it goals with grace, eloquent, grit, wit and affection the overall message right down to the last scene is the importance of true love, autonomy and hope.


The tones, colours and hues are excellent, crisp and vivid with a mixture of tradition cell animation, painted backdrops and CGI that complements the tone of the movie the level of detail is amazing. The movie was viewed on a HD TV (1080p  50fps upscaled from a standard definition Region 2 DVD Release of the movie by Sony in 2004) this was an very impressive experience with clear and balanced colours and crisp and clear audio.


The late Satoshi Kon has made some truly memorable anime spectacles during tenure as a director primarily dealing with the blurring of reality, in this movie he does the complete opposite showing a stark unapologetic social landscape with endearing characters that tap into the human spirit. Highly recommended.

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Tom Baker – The Fourth Doctor – Top 10 Stories

Tom Baker’s performance as the the Fourth incarnation of The Doctor is an impressive, quirky, odd idiosyncratic performance her is my person list of my favourite stories.

  1. Ark in Space
  2. Genesis of the Daleks
  3. Planet of Evil
  4. Pyramids Of Mars
  5. Hand of Fear
  6. The Deadly Assassin
  7. The Robots of Death
  8. The Leisure Hive
  9. The Keep of Traken
  10. Logopolis

Paul Isaacs 2015