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Exposure Anxiety – Working With Involuntary Compulsive Avoidance, Diversion & Retaliation Responses

Note this from a personal perspective of Autism & Exposure Anxiety Viewing Exposure Anxiety As Ego-Dystonic In Adulthood When I was younger I used view Exposure Anxiety as a part of selfhood in which it was both sanctuary and a … Continue reading

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Autism Bucks Workshop – Autism & Exposure Anxiety

This is the fourth workshop presentation is about autism and Exposure Anxiety – this overlaps with ODD, PDA, Reactive Attachment Disorder and Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder Further Information & Reading Autism & Exposure Anxiety Video By Donna Williams Autism & Exposure … Continue reading

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NAS Lambeth /A2ndVoice Workshop – Autism & Exposure Anxiety

This workshop was about the crossover between Autism and Exposure Anxiety. Presented and Hosted by Venessa Bobb. Cross overs with Pathological Demand Avoidance, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder & Passive-aggressive Personality Disorder. Additional Links Autism & Exposure Anxiety By … Continue reading

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Living With Residual Exposure Anxiety

Note this is from a personal perspective on Exposure Anxiety I have written about Exposure Anxiety for many years, some people do not know they have this condition, some people they come out of it, for others they live in … Continue reading


Exposure Anxiety & Autism

Exposure Anxiety was first written about in Nobody Nowhere in 1991 as a syndrome of involuntary and compulsive avoidance, diversion and retaliation responses.  A large section of my first text book, Autism; An Inside Out Approach in 1996, was dedicated to setting out strategies … Continue reading

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Autism, Dissociation, Exposure Anxiety & Understanding Criticism

Overview This is from my Personal Perspective of Autism, Dissociation & Exposure Anxiety Autism And Information Processing During my younger years I was in mainstream education despite having obvious early signs of Autism speech and language delay. receptive, expressive language … Continue reading


A Journey With Exposure Anxiety

Exposure Anxiety comes in 3 levels: Specific: Targets only specific environments, activities and interaction with particular individuals. Generalized and other-directed: Effects all areas of life which directly involves others. Generalized and both self and other directed: Effects all areas of … Continue reading

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Autism, Anxiety & Resilience

It is difficult for autistic individuals to embrace failure or take risks. Instead, patients see themselves as confined in a drama dominated by shadow archetypes, mystery, and chaos. This engenders an unpleasant emotion; one caused in anticipation of danger. Indeed, … Continue reading

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Autism & Anxiety? What Are The Correlations?

Often people may ask what is anxiety? People have different thresholds, strategies, internal somatic experiences, and interpretations of what words mean to them. Some when breaking down the different types of anxiety we can explore the different potential experiences that … Continue reading

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Anxiety Disorders and Autism

Autism And Anxiety?  When one looks at “autism” and what is “autism” to say that anxiety is autism or autism is anxiety we do you mean by that? When we look at the clustering and overlapping issues that can make … Continue reading