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Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996) – Film Review

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This is the fourth movie in the Hellraiser Franchise it is in many ways an ambitious but at times flawed sequel opening up the story to its fullest and most vibrant potential only to be hampered by different directorial visions and a final cut of the movie which may not fully represent either director’s vision.


The plot consists of three basic elements with exposition  the past, present and future of one bloodline that created the box that opens the doors to hell for me this an interesting departure in the franchise the first movie deals with the complexities or human relationships, the second movie is an extension of the motif going into areas of ego and self identity and the third movie deals with the “man behind the monster” and his quest for redemption in some ways the fourth movie expands on the latter and goes on from there.

So the human element is a man trying to make the right the past of previous generations the monsters of his dreams have been a reality the box his ancestor made unwittingly for a french occultist.

As society  human society changed so did hell starting off and a hedonistic splinter of the human desire (something expanded in the alternate cut) to a more “ordered” and “structured” dominion many hundreds of years later which you see in the previous movies. I can see some overlapping social metaphors in this movie the hollowness of cooperation, fame, fortune and the lack of morals from both human beings and cenobites alike and karma does eventually come to collect.


After having the previous DVD for many years with its soft, dull palette what really surprised me in this new edition is the depth of colours, hues and lighting this includes flesh tones and additional detail which I couldn’t see before. The movie was viewed on a HD TV (1080p  24fps Blu-Ray compilation from Miramax Studios USA Import) this is a worthy upgrade with a balanced picture and an impressive audio with a good surround experience and deep bass that hits you during the introductory instrumental.



With its ambitious multi-layered plot, impressive action and dialogue after many years as seeing this as a subpar sequel re watching recently I have come to realise how good this movie actually is (and could have been with the alternate cut) in its own right closing off the series with a logical conclusion still talking about the brokenness of human wants and desires and expanding the plot and story through a multi-genre lense Recommended.


Author: Paul Isaacs

Paul was branded as a “naughty & difficult child” at school. He was classically autistic and non-verbal due to speech articulation difficulties. He had complex sensory issues and appeared both deaf and blind. He gained functional speech around the age of 7 or 8 years old. He went through the mainstream school system with no additional help or recognition of his autism. Consequently, he did not achieve his academic or his social potential and had very low self-esteem. At age 11, Paul was referred to the children’s mental health service with childhood depression where he was regarded as “developmentally underage” and having speech problems. As an adult, Paul had a string of unsuccessful jobs, and his mental health suffered. He developed both Borderline and Schizotypal Personality Disorders in early 2007. He was referred to mental health services and misdiagnosed with “Asperger traits with a complex personality”, which did not satisfy Paul or his family. A local autism organisation put Paul in touch with an experienced psychiatrist, who diagnosed him with Autism at 24 years old. In 2012 Paul was also diagnosed with Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome by an Irlen Consultant who confirmed that he also had face, object and meaning blindness – conditions which Paul describes eloquently in his speeches and training sessions. He also has dyslexia, dyscalculia and also a dissociative disorder. Having started working as an local autism organisation as a public speaker in 2010, Paul joined their mission to promote autism awareness. His hope is that others will not have to suffer as he did. Now also a core member of our Training Team, Paul continues to enhance true understanding of autism at every opportunity. Paul has released and published 5 books on the subject of autism published by Chipmunka publishing and has contributed to other books too. Having overcome many challenges to achieve the success that he now enjoys, Paul’s message is that Autism is a complex mix of ability and disability. He firmly believes that every Autistic person should have the opportunity to reach their potential and be regarded as a valued member of society. Apart from autism related blogs Paul also write about movies, fashion, art and anything that is of interest. As of August 2015 Paul now works as a freelance speaker, training and consultant in and around the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire area. If you are interested please contact him via email at

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