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Nightbreed – The Director’s Cut – Film Review (1990)

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Clive Barker is a true maverick and visionary in his literally works to his art to his movies, he is able to convey the complex nature of being human and what wants, needs and and desires that come with it. In many ways he is both hopeful and critical of human beings and this movies opens up those very doors for all to see.

Barker creates an ultimate  the “role reversal” the “demons”are the heroes and the humans are the corrupt villains. The characters are all rich, three dimensional, flawed, angered, sad and hopeful, bigoted and moralistic.

His narrative criticism is humans and xenophobia (hatred of “other”)  projected in its own own history in bloodshed shown through an interwoven dream sequence of the tyrannical  crusades and the cruel bloodshed that was drawn. In the present day there is violence by police and psychopathic doctors the very people and system which are meant to protect and help people. This not a just a “slasher movie” but a look at how humans treat each other.


The consists of man having dreams of the fantastic, another life, another time and being in another place where monsters live and have created a splinter society these “dreams” soon become a reality as he is flung into a subterranean holding for the people that are called the “Nightbreed”, creatures of the night whom he has become one after a bite and death which is constructed by his corrupt doctor whom has convinced him of multiple murders.

His partner is left in the dark after his “death” and the killings continue to happen but her boyfriend has nothing to do with them. She has to travel to the place he has seen in his dreams and accept that he has changed into the “Nightbreed”.

The police in the local town get involved through the the “dead man’s” corrupt doctor and the inner labyrinth is revealed as is his true form. The battle then consists of a splintered forgotten society being persecuted on  assumption that “they are evil”,  however lurking in the shadows is the true puppet-master who has constructed these events but also set in motion the prophecy that in order for something to be re-built it has to be destroyed.


This movies has been restored to near picture and audio perfection considering the director’s cut was thought to be non-existent (consisting of copies of copies in low quality VHS formats) over 40 minutes of new footage, editing and remastering went into this product . The movie was viewed on a HD TV (1080p  24fps Blu-Ray by  Shout! Factory). The picture was detailed, crisp, vibrant with amazing colours and depth and almost no grain and only a few noticeable specs of print damage. The audio was of equal stature with an amazing surround experience, deep bass and diveresly multi-layered a true cinematic experience


This is without a doubt a underrated and unrecognised genre masterpiece which as been unearthed and polished to near perfection. Baker’s true craft as a director is shown in all its glory here. With a deep and philosophy-based  plot about the flawed nature of human beings, bigotry, xenophobia, social profiling and prejudice. This is a though-provoking and intelligent movie. Highly recommended.



Author: Paul Isaacs

Paul was branded as a “naughty & difficult child” at school. He was classically autistic and non-verbal due to speech articulation difficulties. He had complex sensory issues and appeared both deaf and blind. He gained functional speech around the age of 7 or 8 years old. He went through the mainstream school system with no additional help or recognition of his autism. Consequently, he did not achieve his academic or his social potential and had very low self-esteem. At age 11, Paul was referred to the children’s mental health service with childhood depression where he was regarded as “developmentally underage” and having speech problems. As an adult, Paul had a string of unsuccessful jobs, and his mental health suffered. He developed both Borderline and Schizotypal Personality Disorders in early 2007. He was referred to mental health services and misdiagnosed with “Asperger traits with a complex personality”, which did not satisfy Paul or his family. A local autism organisation put Paul in touch with an experienced psychiatrist, who diagnosed him with Autism at 24 years old. In 2012 Paul was also diagnosed with Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome by an Irlen Consultant who confirmed that he also had face, object and meaning blindness – conditions which Paul describes eloquently in his speeches and training sessions. He also has dyslexia, dyscalculia and also a dissociative disorder. Having started working as an local autism organisation as a public speaker in 2010, Paul joined their mission to promote autism awareness. His hope is that others will not have to suffer as he did. Now also a core member of our Training Team, Paul continues to enhance true understanding of autism at every opportunity. Paul has released and published 5 books on the subject of autism published by Chipmunka publishing and has contributed to other books too. Having overcome many challenges to achieve the success that he now enjoys, Paul’s message is that Autism is a complex mix of ability and disability. He firmly believes that every Autistic person should have the opportunity to reach their potential and be regarded as a valued member of society. Apart from autism related blogs Paul also write about movies, fashion, art and anything that is of interest. As of August 2015 Paul now works as a freelance speaker, training and consultant in and around the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire area. If you are interested please contact him via email at

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