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Jennifer O’Toole – Speaker, Trainer, Advocate & Author On The Autism Spectrum

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Me and Jennifer 2013

Me and Jennifer 2013


I had the great pleasure of meeting Jennifer O’Toole last year and hear her speak, she has a tremendous sense of passion, empowerment and positivism which flows through her work, blogs and really her life in general she always sees the positive in any situation and I’m pleased to her friend. 🙂


Her positive attitude is what is needed and giving hope to folks, parents and loved ones on the spectrum is her goal I and many other folks on the spectrum are apart of this advisory team  including Dena Gassner, Temple Grandin, Brian King, Haley Moss, Chloe Rothschild, Brigid Rankowski, Liane Holliday Willey & Stephen Shore. This is to empower others on the spectrum.


Jennifer has an amazing attitude to Autism and AS which is reflected in her wonderful  attitude to life and she advocates a positive, balanced attitude to life and others which is reflected in her books, presentations (which I had the privilege of seeing and being apart of an online webinar)  and ethos she offers practical skills, advice, hints, tips and above all empowerment. 🙂


  • Asperkids: An Insider’s Guide to Loving, Understanding, and Teaching Children with Asperger’s Syndrome
  • The Asperkid’s (Secret) Book of Social Rules: The Handbook of Not-So-Obvious Social Guidelines for Tweens and Teens With Asperger Syndrome
  • The Asperkid’s Launch Pad: Home Design to Empower Everyday Superheroes 
  • The Asperkid’s Not-Your-Average Coloring-Book
  • The Asperkid’s Game Plan: Extraordinary Minds, Purposeful Play… Ordinary Stuff




Thank you Jennifer for helping of many with your giving nature. 🙂

Paul Isaacs 2014


Author: Paul Isaacs

Paul was branded as a “naughty & difficult child” at school. He was classically autistic and non-verbal due to speech articulation difficulties. He had complex sensory issues and appeared both deaf and blind. He gained functional speech around the age of 7 or 8 years old. He went through the mainstream school system with no additional help or recognition of his autism. Consequently, he did not achieve his academic or his social potential and had very low self-esteem. At age 11, Paul was referred to the children’s mental health service with childhood depression where he was regarded as “developmentally underage” and having speech problems. As an adult, Paul had a string of unsuccessful jobs, and his mental health suffered. He developed both Borderline and Schizotypal Personality Disorders in early 2007. He was referred to mental health services and misdiagnosed with “Asperger traits with a complex personality”, which did not satisfy Paul or his family. A local autism organisation put Paul in touch with an experienced psychiatrist, who diagnosed him with Autism at 24 years old. In 2012 Paul was also diagnosed with Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome by an Irlen Consultant who confirmed that he also had face, object and meaning blindness – conditions which Paul describes eloquently in his speeches and training sessions. He also has dyslexia, dyscalculia and also a dissociative disorder. Having started working as an local autism organisation as a public speaker in 2010, Paul joined their mission to promote autism awareness. His hope is that others will not have to suffer as he did. Now also a core member of our Training Team, Paul continues to enhance true understanding of autism at every opportunity. Paul has released and published 5 books on the subject of autism published by Chipmunka publishing and has contributed to other books too. Having overcome many challenges to achieve the success that he now enjoys, Paul’s message is that Autism is a complex mix of ability and disability. He firmly believes that every Autistic person should have the opportunity to reach their potential and be regarded as a valued member of society. Apart from autism related blogs Paul also write about movies, fashion, art and anything that is of interest. As of August 2015 Paul now works as a freelance speaker, training and consultant in and around the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire area. If you are interested please contact him via email at

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