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Inclusion In The “Autism World” Means Looking Into All Realities – Not Projecting Stereotypes

Fruit Salad Analogy Copyright D.Williams

Fruit Salad Analogy Copyright D.Williams

All Autism Profiles Are Different

Every person with Autism has their unique profile, ways of processing, styles of learning, some have metabolic issues, some are not visual thinkers, some have different ways of communicating other than speech that is valid and equal. In other words Autism isn’t “one thing” so no one person can say (including myself) that Autism  is one thing and one reality for everybody, it is person specific, profile specific and environmentally specific.

Projecting True & Diverse Realities 

“By acknowledging this you break down barriers, stereotypes and assumptions – inclusion is about acknowledging the realities of people and not projecting and feeding stereotypes which ironically excludes and alienates many people as a result. I don’t say “us” and “we” in speeches because it is my profile.

Some people have an Aspie profile others have an Autie profile and some people have a mixture and can relate to both. I have an profile Autie in terms of the mechanics.

People who also have use different forms of communication to get their words out, connect with friends and family have a right have their realities be know and and acknowledged as well as people with Autism and a Learning Disability too the same thing applies in terms of inclusion.

Validation Of Personhoods

I believe that all being said that personhood should be valid part of acknowledgment for people on the spectrum – so that an grow in a balanced manner.

Paul Isaacs Adult With Autism 2014

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Visual Perceptual Disorders In Autism & Not Thinking In Pictures

Me On My OwnUnderstanding, Processing Visuals & Typical Interpretive Language 

Note this is from a personal developmental perspective 

For someone like me who got diagnosed with Autism in 2010 and later in Scotopic sensitivity syndrome with Visual agnosias (object, meaning and face blindness) as well as Visual-Verbal agnosia (comprehension blindness) and associated learning difficulties this is what I can relate to – I had oral apraxia compacted by auditory and visual processing disorders I saw  (and still  in the present without my tinted lenses) shapes, movements, colours and blobs and couldn’t contextualise where I was in space and time what I was doing (learning by route was a system I learnt) – I had speech and language delay as well as significant motor delays, echolalia and late speech compacted on my ability to understand typical language

I had NO contextual words within my head for along time (even though the capacity was there and I would have gleaming moments of clarity which no one saw or noticed) but I recited jingles, sounds, hums and treated words like “sounds” nor could I visualise words either.

I relate to Donna Williams in this way and it’s important to debunk the myth that all people on the spectrum are thinking in pictures when many clearly aren’t. I still find typical language difficult but I can but try to integrate as much as possible.

One must also differentiate and language processing disorder from mutism it was ironic though when I gained functional speech I had bouts of mutism so the two can interact.

I also have and Autie based profile as opposed to Aspie and this may certainly be one of the reasons why.

Paul Isaacs Adult With Autism 2014

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Personhood First, Personality Traits, Stereotypes, Identity & Autism

Me On Toy 3“I feel “autism” and/or “autistic” are identifiable parts of me not the totality of me I fit the idiosyncratic personality a lone wolf and non-conformist and mercurial personality of being emotionally sensitive and empathic those qualities are human qualities that grow despite my autism

“People with autism and without share one fundmental unity we are all human beings and that being said the person is shown to you first – remember some identities are man-made projections of digestible stereotypes that people cling on to for dear life, needing to look ever so deeper and realise they are people first before anything else.”

Paul Isaacs Adult with Autism 2014


Showing The Positive & Meaningful Realities of FC – Video Project By Les Cope

OVERVIEW – In Les’ Words

So am asking all who I are mentioned so far to give me their permission to use their image or images. Respond to this post please. Everyone will have a opportunity to see and approve their image in the draft movie before it goes live. There are many others who I am aware of who do not have images on this site. Would be very powerful to showcase as many people as possible.

I have yet to consider the best way to put these together but having images evolving and merging together with relevant text. Short burst of words and poetic lines written by the individuals would be great. If someone is seen with family, playing a musical instrument or painting relating text could be used. Or any other activity where facilitation plays a small or key part. Apart from communication these are other things ISAAC seems to not want to know about. The final movie will accompany the petition we put up in

If you have images of yourself and want to be part of this please post onto this thread. Try and aim for high resolution and clarity please. If possible the image could be accompanied with a short section of your writing. Just a few lines can be powerful. If you know of others who could be included and may miss this post please draw it to their attention.

Thanks Les.

All Forms Of Communication Are Valid & Meaningful

I feel that everybody should have the right to communicate no matter what way it is shown and/or expressed Les’ words are very true and his drives and emotive words are just that people who use FC and/or AAC are using this as a genuine, meaningful, productive and integrative form of communication with their family, friends and loved ones.

If people would like to be about of this project who have family members, friends or are a person who uses FC and/or AAC Please contact Les wither on Facebook and his website.

Paul Isaacs Adult With Autism 2014


Part Of A Journey Fulfilled & Will Be Continued

Premature 2

Thoughts & Reflections

I have been on journey of self discovery since late 2006 now in 2014 two days ago I learnt what may be last and most important part of Autism profile which is on my previous blog post.

Although genetics play a part in Autism It has come to my attention that for some people on the spectrum (not all) have birthing issues that either affect their  brain and/or immune/metabolic systems have in turn an effect on their development and in my case visual and auditory perceptual issues, language processing, body awareness etc. Of course there are other members of the family who have very different profile to me and wonder if my birth issues maybe the answers to that? I think so. :-)

Dad and I 2003 Resturant

To Be Balanced

So what have learnt ? That I shall always be a human being, I shall be creative, kind, thankful, balanced and appreciate life for it’s lessons, value true friendships, to be as functional as I can be with the knowledge, not to be scared and keep it real. I’m a person.

I’m thankful to so many people on this journey and I have feeling that reading this post you know who you are. :-)

Paul Isaacs Adult With Autism 2014

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Placental Abruption – Part of My Autism Profile

Premature 1Placental Abruption 

This a personal account of these issues, my development and my autism profile.

My mother and I where both in distress during her pregnancy – I was born premature and was born via cesarean section  and my Mother suffered heavy bleeding as a result of what is called placental abruption.

“Placental abruption happens when there is bleeding behind the placenta, between the placenta and the wall of the uterus (womb). This may be just a small amount of bleeding. But if you have a large amount of bleeding, the placenta may partially or completely separate from the lining of your uterus before your baby is born.”

Left Hemisphere Brain Injury & Oxygen Deprivation (Hypoxia) 

“25% of babies who experience hypoxic/anoxic injuries at the time of labor will have permanent neurological problems.”

© 2014 Birth Injury by Becker Law Firm, L.P.A. All rights reserved.

Aspects Of My Birth 

My Autism profile consists of many speech, language, perceptual and developmental delays  which includes

  • Speech Delay (non-verbal 5 year approx with speech regression)
  • Motor Coordination Delays (crawled with one arm and didn’t start walking until 18 months old)
  • Language Delay (gained functional speech between the ages 7/8 years is that of a 3 year old developmentally)
  • Learning Difficulties (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia)
  • “Mild” Learning Disability
  • Visual Agnosias (simultagnosia, semantic agnosia, prosopagnosia, visual-verbal agnosia)
  • Auditory Agnosias (pure auditory agnosia, verbal auditory agnosia, receptive and expressive aphasia)
  • Body Agnosias (finger agnosia and visual-spatial dysgnosia)
  • Hemispatial Neglect (related to brain injury, left-handedness, left-right confusion related to Gerstmann Syndrome)


They also come into play because there are such things as genetic based agnosias, processing issues and learning difficulties which can be passed down from generations to generation (although the fashion in which this is done is highly variable) the cross over with other profiles seems to be there and commonalities are present in some of the conditions such as

This However Doesn’t Affect My Character or Personhood

Every person is on a journey of self discovery and revelation this doesn’t make me feel sad nor isolated in anyway quite the opposite I’m still “Paul” and all that in entails these aspects of discovery are the trajectory of my development, my learning, my language, my visual processing etc. They are apart of me but don’t ultimately define – I’m still creative, eager to learn, eager to live and with the set of cards I have been dealt I will use them ultimately to the best of my abilities. Hope springs eternal. :-)

Special Thanks to Donna Williams & Dr Manuel Casanova

Paul Isaacs Adult with Autism 2014

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Studies in the Differences Between Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and Profile Diversity

Can Asperger syndrome be distinguished from autism? An anatomic likelihood meta-analysis of MRI studies

November 2011 – Read Full Article

Kevin K. Yu, BSc,* Charlton Cheung, PhD,* Siew E. Chua, BM BCh, and Gráinne M. McAlonan, MBBS, PhD


“Whereas grey matter differences in people with Asperger syndrome compared with controls are sparser than those reported in studies of people with autism, the distribution and direction of differences in each category are distinctive.”

 Breakdown of Differences

Right Uncus (Ataxis, Motor Skills, Aphasia Receptive and Expressive)
Middle Temporal Gyrus (Aphasia, Alexia, Writing and Comprehending Words, Visual-Verbal Agnosia)
Frontal Lobe (Executive Functioning)
Temporal Lobe (indicating Left Hemisphere Neglect,  Language Aphasia, Auditory agnosias, Visual agnosias and Hemispatial neglect)
Hippocampus (Spacial Awareness - Dyspraxia)
Prefontal Cortex/Lobe (Executive Functioning)
Lingual Gyrus (Logical Processing of Language – Visual Thought, Literal Thinking/Processing)
Donna Williams 2011Aspinauts – Mix of Both Profiles
This is a term coined by Donna Williams to explain a person’s profile which has both aspects and presentations of Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. This is a very important point to make as it further indicates the diversity within the presentations of autism.
Moving Forward
This is very important to see, understand ans process the important differences between Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and people who have a mixture of both. As a person with Autism (as opposed to AS) and a Learning Disability this is very important for me on a personal level also – it helps me understand myself. Hopefully this will help others in the process to empower and educate. :-)
Paul Big Legs
Paul Isaacs
Adult with Autism 2014



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